‘Sister Wives’ Fans React To Rare Photo Of Kody & Meri Brown

Meri Brown Instagram

Meri Brown of Sister Wives shocked everyone this morning when she shared a rare photo of herself and Kody Brown. The TLC start has just shy of 500,000 followers on Instagram. And, they all know Kody Brown doesn’t usually make appearances on her Instagram. Meri Brown is a very independent woman. And, for a period of time, many Sister Wives fans speculated she was single.

That being said, Meri Brown has officially put the rumors on her relationship (or lack there of) with her husband Kody Brown to bed. They are very much together. Very much in love. And, she’s been committed to this man for three decades now.

Still, seeing Kody Brown pop up on Meri’s news feed was shocking. Published just three hours ago, the photo of Kody and Meri Brown has accumulated over 10,000 likes and over 1,000 comments every hour.

Sister Wives fans react to rare, loving photo of Meri and Kody Brown

The unfortunate truth is privacy goes out the window when you jump into reality TV. That being said, Meri Brown makes it crystal clear to those in her LuLaRoe group that she isn’t interested in discussing her family. Or, her personal life for that matter.

Moreover, she constantly reminds people she’s a human with feelings. And, even though she is on TV, she doesn’t owe anyone any information she doesn’t want to give. Now, even after saying all of that, Meri did shut down all rumors. Meri Brown confirms she’s very much still with Kody.

Here’s what some Sister Wives fans have had to say about both the news and the picture:

  • “Yea but he treats you like shit. You deserve better.”
  • “So glad to see this. You don’t owe anyone any explanations. Go Meri!”
  • “Well said and well done ! I’ve been waiting on this . I never doubted for a minute you love [Kody]. Why wouldn’t you , he is your husband . What people forget is that you are married for eternity. Much respect to you both”
  • “It’s sad when people have to explain their truth to make others happy. You have every right to live your life the way you feel is right for you. Yes your fans will always seek out information, but people that know you outside of the show knows your heart and that is what matters. Your Lula sisters are always here. And like you said… you do you boo.”
  • “Well try to look happy when your on tv don’t Complain so much you’re just too sad that’s why people talk you complain awful lot but we’re happy that you’re happy I just tried to show it a little bit more.”

Fans express an array of feelings

As you can see, Sister Wives fans are all over the place with their reactions. Some are happy to see Meri standing up for her relationship. Some agree Meri doesn’t owe anyone anything. And, others? Well, they wish Meri would act like she was a happily married woman a little more often.

Meri Brown Instagram

The question is… What did you think about the rare photo of Meri and Kody Brown? Do you think they are really happy? Share your thoughts in the comments down below.

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