Zach Roloff Helps Makes Dwarf Soccer A Disability Sport

Zach Roloff Soccer coach

Zach Roloff represented his country at soccer. And, fans know that he coaches the game. In fact, early on, little Jackson started playing the game. And, that brought some adorable Instagram-worthy photos. Now, Tori Roloff sounds so proud as Zach helps make Dwarf Soccer a recognized disability sport.

Zach Roloff coaches soccer, and much more

Zach became famous for more than the Little People, Big World show on TLC. In fact, he played for North America in the Copa America World Cup last year. And we reported in July last year that he coaches kids at soccer as well. “He traveled to the Beach Chalet Soccer fields in San Francisco.” At the time, Zach said, “Ahh man this past week I got to run the “futures” (age 4-6) soccer clinic for the DAAA soccer tournament in SF!” But, his main takeaway from it involved facilitating “the moment young kids fall in love with sports.”

Obviously, with the coronavirus, coaching clinics and international travel went on the backburner. But, it looks like Zach Roloff kept on working hard for the sport. Tori Roloff took to her Instagram Stories on December 3 and said how proud she felt. Her post read, “So proud of @Zacgroloff07 and his efforts to make Dwarf Athletics as part of US Soccer.” Clicking her post took LPBW fans to the @daaanationalgames account.

Dwarf Athletic Association of America

On the Dwarf Athletic Association of America‘s Instagram, they explain their objectives. It’s a “non-profit that provides athletic competition opportunities for athletes with dwarfism in the USA.” And, their latest post reveals a huge success. It reads, “US Soccer is launching something really exciting!” Then, it went on and explained, “As DAAA we are excited to announce that Dwarf Soccer is a great new addition to the list of US Soccer disability disciplines!”

In celebration, the association said that they hold a “virtual celebration on December 13th!” Well, more than likely, Zach Roloff from LPBW tunes in for that. The United Soccer Coaches website reminds readers that Zach’s one of their “more recognizable players of Dwarf Soccer.” His enthusiasm for the game makes many people aware of the importance of sport for dwarf kids. Possibly one day, TLC fans see Jackson following in his father’s footsteps.

Zach Roloff US Soccer
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Sport impacted by the coronavirus in 2020

The coronavirus pandemic impacted many activities in 2020. And, with more lockdowns in the mix, it could be a long time before Zach Roloff actually gets around to coaching again. But, like so many other people across the world, he probably hopes for a way better 2021 once vaccines become available. Hopefully, next year, LPBW fans see Zach, and even Jackson travel for more coaching clinics around the country.

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