‘Mom’ Season 8 Episode 4 Recap 12/3/2020


Last time on Mom, an old flame from Bonnie’s past resurfaced. Technically, it was an aging rocker she had a fling with in 1987. Maybe it was him. It could have been the drummer. They were both very high during that time. Tammy also tried to make the kitchen more accessible for wheelchair-bound, Adam. It was very sweet seeing their bond. The show took a week off for the holiday but it is back now, with Bonnie and Adam playing therapist. Face palm to that.

Bonnie and Adam- So Happy

Bonnie and Adam head to The Bistro. He is dropping her off to meet the ladies and they cannot contain their happiness. He lets it slip they are going on a double date with Jill and Andy. But, they are the only two couples in the group. Jill did not want to hurt anyone with their happiness. Adam leaves but quickly texts Bonnie how he misses her. No one can stand how nauseating their love is. It’s going overboard, at this point. Tammy has plans to help Chef Rudy with his food truck. He was the head chef at the Rusted Fig where Christy was a waitress and had a fling with Bonnie. His alcohol problem got so bad, he was sent to AA with the ladies.

Tammy did some work at the restaurant and the two fell for each other. But, she ended it and they are just friends. She transformed the truck and is putting final touches on it for opening night. Tammy is adamant about never having anything with Rudy again. We will see how long that lasts.


Jill and Andy: The Not So Happy Couple

When Adam and Bonnie arrive at Jill’s, there is clear tension. Jill and Andy are not happy with one another. Andy is off grilling the meat but they are snippy and snarky. They start to throw digs at one another and Jill goes off running. Bonnie finds her in the kitchen, crying on the floor. She and Andy are having trouble communicating. After seeing what Adam and Bonnie have, she told him she wants something deeper. He does not get it and they are not on the same page.

Outside, Andy explains he is not always in the mood to go deep after working long shifts as a cop. It seems Adam has had to acquiesce to Bonnie to make it work. And Bonnie has molded Adam into the man she wanted. There was a lot of give and take but they were willing to make it work. After much counseling, Jill comes back outside and she and Andy attempt to talk. They love each other so much that they know it will all work out. Of course, Bonnie takes all of the credit. And Adam is okay with this because he knows his wife.

Chef Rudy and the Food Truck

Rudy set up a high-end French food truck outside a roller derby. This is not happening. Tammy has to come in and save the day. But, Rudy feels like a failure. He cannot meet the demands of the customers. And they do not want to pay $24 for warm soda. They need a gimmick to make it all work. Suddenly, it dawns on Tammy they need something to hold the food like a stick. Then, she sees a pita and BAM- they are back in business. The truck is a success and she tells Rudy she sees a future for him in this business. Plus, she made a killing helping out. As predicted, they start to make the food truck rock. They just can’t quit each other.

On the ride home from Jill’s, Bonnie is talking about how she should have her own talk show and help counsel. Then, she gets a text from Jill. Adam reads it and it says Andy has decided he needs a break. Oh no. This is not good. On the next episode of Mom, Adam goes skiing for the first time since his accident. And Tammy worries Jill is sending the wrong message to the girls they mentor. It returns December 17th only on CBS.



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