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‘Julie And The Phantoms’ Season 2: Did Netflix Cancel Or Renew?

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Julie and the Phantoms is a wholesome and feel good musical that hit Netflix a few months ago, and subscribers wonder if the streaming giant will cancel or renew for Season 2.

What is Julie and the Phantoms?

Julie and the Phantoms is a Netflix Original series that hit the streaming giant on September 10th of this year. As many people continue to stay home because of the ongoing pandemic and schools across the country switch to virtual learning… Many are turning to streaming services such as Netflix for something to watch. Rated G, Julie and the Phantoms is a great choice for someone looking for something kid-friendly to put on the television.

The series tells the story of a young girl named Julie Molina who recently lost her mother. She, her father, and her brother work to pick up the pieces. (Along with a very pushy aunt). Fate intervenes when Julie meets three teenage boys who she quickly discovers aren’t alive. Julie helps the guys adjust to being dead. And, they help her get past the death of her mom and find her love for music again.

Julie and the Phantoms is a wholesome and emotional series.

Season 2: Did Netflix cancel or renew this series?

The downside to Season 1 of Julie and the Phantoms is the episodes are only about 25 minutes long. And, there are only 9 of them. It’s probably worth noting the Season 1 Finale is a little longer than the rest of the episodes. But, overall it is a very short season. And, it’s very easy to binge the whole thing in a single day.

That being said, Season 1 ends on a bit of a cliffhanger. (And, if you haven’t watched the show yet… This is where you’ll want to stop reading).

At the end of Season 1, Julie believes she’s finally helped the guys cross over. Unfortunately, they didn’t actually discover their unfinished business. Somehow, however, Julie manages to break Caleb’s hold on the guys. So, they don’t end up disappearing forever because they run out of what we can only assume is some sort of ghost power.

At the very end, we see Julie’s high school crush showing up on her door with flowers. Caleb, however, isn’t ready to give up on his ghostly boy band. And, we see him possess Nick. Ending on such a huge cliffhanger, we can only assume Netflix plans to bring it back for Season 2. Even if the streaming service has yet to announce a renewal confirmation or a release date for Season 2.

What does the Julie and the Phantoms cast think about Season 2?

According to E! News, both subscribers and the cast are a little surprised Netflix hasn’t confirmed Julie and the Phantoms Season 2 just yet. But, the cast (as well as those who enjoyed the show) remain hopeful a second season is on the horizon.

If a Season 2 happens, the cast hopes to explore the slow burning relationship between Julie and Luke. And, they would also like to see the relationship between Willie and Alex grow as well.

As far as Reggie is concerned, the cast would like to explore his backstory a little more.

When could Season 2 of Julie and the Phantoms happen?

Per Digital Spy, best guess is Netflix would follow their typical habit of sticking to a pattern. If this is the case, we would see Season 2 of Julie and the Phantoms in September of next year. Unfortunately, that means we could be in for a bit of a wait! And, with the ongoing pandemic, the wait could be even longer.

So, have you checked out Julie and the Phantoms yet? Do you hope for a Season 2? That was one heck of a cliffhanger after all!

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