‘Bachelor’ Peter Weber Talks About Travel & Life

Bachelor Peter Weber

Bachelor Peter Weber loves flying and travel. In fact, recently, he spent a lot of time flying in beautiful places on a floatplane. And now, he talked about why people love traveling. Although he used someone else’s quote, the ABC alum probably made everyone what to find the next jet plane out of COVID-19 land.

Bachelor Peter Weber talks about travel

We reported in early November, that Peter and Kelley seemed in an idyllic place. He geotagged it as Spencer Lake in WA. And, after sharing about his travels, he asked fans to tell him their dream destinations. On one of those pictures that he shared on November 5, Peter’s fans shared their dream travel destinations with the ABC star. Plenty of people talked about places they dreamed about.

Actually, it seemed that a lot of people wish for travel, even more, these days. Even those who never traveled before told Bachelor Peter Weber that they plan on it soon. Certainly, with the coronavirus around, many people just yearn for getting away. Away from isolation, away from the virus, and away from a vague feeling of sadness and a pervading depression. Now, he talked about why people travel.

Bachelor Peter Weber shares a quote about travel

On December 2,  Peter shared a picture of himself and Kelley. The couple kissed sweetly. And it looked like they visited another lovely wilderness place. His caption revealed a fairly well-known quote that never became attributed to anyone. Anonymous, it read: “We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.” Well, right now, a lot of people probably feel that life escapes them.

And, the saying’s quite accurate in a way. Who traveled a lot before COVID-19? They probably felt that if they left the rat race behind and found some adventure, that they escaped the everyday routine of their lives. But, loving the idea of travel so we grab at life for all its worth sounds much nicer. And truer. Bachelor Peter Weber fans agreed it’s a nice thought.

Bachelor Peter Weber on travel
Peter Weber | Instagram

Fans react to the message about travel

In the comments section, some people told Peter that they also agree that travel and living life with a loved one makes it even better. Others talked about how they just focus on work right now to save up for the day travel becomes more available. Sadly, for now, that looks quite far away. But, everyone hopes 2021 improves. Actually, another follower shared a quote about that travel that also resonates these days.

Bachelor Peter Weber probably flies as a career because he hates confinement. The follower noted, “in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.” – Jack Kerouac.”

And, that sounds poignant. When your time comes, will you remember how many times you washed the windows, or mowed the lawn? Or, will your life memories be filled with gratitude that you really lived? Sound off in the comments below.

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