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Whitney Way Thore NoBSactive Partners With Jessica

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Whitney Way Thore and her friend Ryan ran NoBSactive. But back at the end of September, their website seemed inactive. So, fans wondered if she closed it down. But it turns out the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star kept the business sans Ryan. She now runs it with Jessica, her personal trainer.

Whitney Way Thore, NoBSactive with Jessica

When we noticed that the NoBSactive website revealed no posts at all, fans wondered if she dumped Ryan. Recall, she and Ryan Andreas looked solid. But, as he introduced her to Chase Severino, maybe some bad feelings arose. TLC fans know that Chase got another woman pregnant and dumped Whitney. In fact, the current season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life on TLC explores the difficult time for Whitney.

When fans asked Ryan if they still ran NoBSactive together, he never replied. And it seems that’s because Whitney Way Thore moved on without him and found a new partner. Jessica, her trainer became her new business partner in the venture. Starcasm reminds readers that “NoBSactive” brings online workouts for a “subscription.” Fans of MBFFL follow their videos and daily chats on Facebook. Or, they get the various programs on offer via email. Most people enjoy it as nobody needs any special weightlifting equipment.

Plugging the business

On Tuesday, December 1, the MBFFL star took to her Instagram to plug the business. In her lengthy ad, she told her fans that participation’s possible in NoBSactive “from anywhere in the world.” Conveniently, she added, “all you need is an internet connection so that you can access YouTube videos!” Offering a startup discount, if you don’t like it, you may “cancel at any time.” Actually, so many subscriptions seem easy when it comes to signing up. But, the cancellation comes with irritating menu navigation.

On the website for Whitney Way Thore and Jessica’s NoBSActive company, more details emerge. And, Jessica’s now partnered with Whitney in the business. The main page reveals Jessica and Whitney looking ever so cozy. And a “sample workout” reveals them getting sweaty. Actually, the partnership looks useful. Jessica shows the “high-level” workout. And, Whitney the less strenuous stuff. That helps people with mobility issues who might wish to stay fit.

Whitney Way Thore NoBSactive Jessica
Whitney Way Thore | Instagram

NoBSdance seems inactive

We reported in October last year that Whitney launched her NoBSdance with Todd Beasley. Previously the MBFFL stars ran the Big Girls Dance Class. Next, she started NoBSactive with Ryan. Then, she and Todd started up again. However, on the website for NoBSdance, nothing appears. If you try and log in, it just says, “This site is currently private. If you’re the owner or contributor, log in.”

As Whitney Way Thore revamped NoBSactive with Jessica, maybe she restarts her dance business soon. After all, quarantine kept Whitney apart from her friends and business partners for months.

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