‘Welcome To Plathville’: Fans React To Olivia’s Navel Ring

Welcome To Plathville Olivia Navel Ring

Welcome To Plathville fans know that Ethan Plath seems very naive and childlike. So, his reaction to Olivia wanting a navel ring came as no huge surprise. In what some fans coined one of the most boring scenes on TLC ever, the couple talked over his objections. Fans agreed it was painful and awkward. He also seemed to forget that Olivia’s got a right to do what she wants with her body. Fans reacted. And, Olivia picked up some critics on Twitter.

Welcome To Plathville: The navel ring scene

Ethan and Olivia met and married. And, a lot of TLC fans seemed stunned that he could ever become some sort of normal husband. Deprived by Kim and Barry Path of a decent education, fans might recall that he had no idea about menstruation. No technology, no movies, no soda, no sweet treats, no hanging with the lads seems a cruel upbringing. And, in Season 1, fans saw an awkward and painfully maladjusted young man. But, some fans admitted that he tried hard. And, he clashed with his repressive parents with courage.

Welcome To Plathville fans sat through a painful scene about Olivia wanting a navel ring. Talking to the camera, and to his wife, Ethan blushed like a child bride as they talked about what she does with her body. Olivia got a nose ring. And, God didn’t strike her down. But, now, she wants a navel ring. Unsurprisingly, Ethan seemed genuinely shocked. However, it turned out that he simply hated the idea of the healing time, which might interfere their intimacy.

Olivia hates that she needs permission for a body piercing

Fans admired Olivia for taking Ethan away from his family. However, she knew his background. Super conservative and religious, obviously he’d probably object to body piercings. And so often in families like that, the woman is expected to obey their man. So, she got some negativity from critics when she kept on arguing about getting a ring. One fan on Twitter said, “I cannot believe how long they have spent talking about a belly button piercing. What a snooze.”

One critic of Welcome to Plathville complained that Olivia’s “manipulative” and wants to control Ethan. That came because she said it could take time for her ring to heal. And Ethan doesn’t want to wait months. After all, he only just discovered the delights of the bedroom. And clearly, he has no idea of anything other than the missionary position, fans think. But, some TLC fans think people should stop hating on Olivia. After all, without her, he’d probably still think babies come from storks.

Fans react to the painful conversation

One person who stuck up for Olivia commented, “Do NOT hate on olivia while i am around. She has to teach her man-child husband, literally, everything about functioning in life and relationships. She has the patience of a saint and if she gets testy sometimes that is ok with me.” 

That comment came after another critic noted, “This “no s*x due to a piercing having to heal” thing is absolutely wild! Anyone with more than their ears pierced knows that’s just another one of Olivia’s control tactics.” 

As usual, Kim and Barry Plath got their fair share of Welcome To Plathville critics. After all, they protected their son from life to the point where he could barely function.

What are your thoughts on the long and painful discussion about Olivia’s navel piercing? Was Olivia being manipulative? Or is Ethan genuinely shocked by her complaining about making her own choices? Sound off in the comments below.

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