Kaitlyn Bristowe Fans Share Touching Dreams

Kaitlyn Bristowe

Kaitlyn Bristowe still enjoys the afterglow of winning the Dancing With the Stars Mirror Ball Trophy. Despite her fears and some insecurities, she fought for her dream win. So, inspired and grateful, she talked about her achievement. And, many fans shared their dreams with her. Some of them sounded very touching.

Kaitlyn Bristowe talks about her achievements

Fans know that the Dancing With the Stars hopeful took her dogs along for the duration of the show. And, not only because furbabies make for great comforters and loyal companions. She actually suffers from a fear of flying.

So, flying with the dogs helps her keep calm and more comfortable. She did something about her fear of flying and tackles it head-on by finding a solution. A small triumph perhaps. But, it reveals her determination to keep on striving.

What about the song that Kaitlyn Bristowe dropped? Dreaming and achieving are two very different things. So,  in May this year, she took the bull by the horns and released If I’m Being Honest. People reported that she felt a bit “fearful” that people might not like her singing. However, she faced those fears and another achievement came her way. It did really well on all platforms. Now, she took to Instagram and said she “manifested A LOT of things…[that came] true.”

Fans share their dreams with the DWTS winner

Kaitlyn recommended that fans write down their dream and “look at it every day.” Plus, she said they should “picture their dream” coming true. Then, she asked followers to share the dreams they hold dear to their hearts. Many people responded, and some stories sounded very touching. One fan still hopes for a dream to come true. The follower wrote, “I dream that I’m having a conversation with my son one day. He’s 5 and has Autism and is non-verbal. I hope dreams do come true for me one day too.”

Then, another fan of Kaitlyn Bristowe related their dream that came due. She obtained a “BA in psychology.” Plus, she currently finishes up her “MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.” Now, she awaits the outcome of an application for a “Ph.D in Counseling Psychology.” That fan just wants to make a difference in mental health. Another fan wrote about how they went back to school. There, they study hard for their dream job of “becoming a RN.”

Kaitlyn Bristowe talks about her achievements
Kaitlyn Bristowe | Instagram

Touching tearjerker  dream

Some ABC fans poured out their innermost hopes. This tear-jerker came in: “A cure for my son’s terminal, rare genetic disease. he was diagnosed with earlier this year. 💜”

Other less sad fans related to Kaitlyn Bristowe about their dreams for owning a “bakery,” an “online business,” a fitness center, or “writing a book.” And those who shared, talked about how “inspired” they feel by Kaitlyn.  Maybe, she just helped a whole lot of people feel determined to manifest their dreams as well.

What did you think of Kaitlyn Bristowe hopeful post? Do you feel inspired to share your dreams?

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