‘RHOC’ Meghan King & Christian Schauf Split — Here’s Why

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RHOC couple Meghan King and Christian Schauf have officially split. And, now, Bravo viewers everywhere are wondering why and what happened.

Fans worried something was wrong with the Bravo couple

As we reported earlier today, Real Housewives of Orange County fans have been wondering whether Meghan and Christian were still together. This curiosity stemmed from nothing more than the fact that fans hadn’t see much of the loving couple to suggest they were still a loving couple.

That being said, Christian Schauf wasn’t interested in the reality TV spotlight the same way Meghan King was. So, he wanted to keep their relationship private. Between the two of them. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done when you date a reality TV star.

Meghan King and Christian Schauf confirm split, and explain why

As E! News reminds us, Meghan King and Christian Schauf had been together for about six months. But, they recently confirmed their split. Now, for those looking for a little drama…. Might want to look somewhere else. The reason why isn’t nearly as scandalous and juicy as one expects of a reality TV relationship.

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In fact, Meghan King and Christian Schauf making the decision to split up is a little sad. Turns out, Christian Schauf just couldn’t hack the spotlight that came with dating a reality TV star. While it is true he is a film director. And, he does pretty well for himself. He lives a pretty secluded lifestyle. And, he prefers to retreat away from the fame and spotlight. Unfortunately, that lifestyle preference didn’t mesh well with Meghan King linked to his arm.

A source close to the couple revealed the reason why the couple decided to split. Unfortunately for Meghan, it sounds like Christian was who ultimately pulled the plug on the relationship.

He couldn’t take all the social media and public attention. He ended it shortly after her Covid–19 diagnosis and all the attention that went with it.”

This news wasn’t too shocking for fans

RHOC fans feared the couple was on the outs after a recent house tour. Meghan King recently showed off her new home in St. Louis. But, her house tour failed to include or mention her boyfriend Christian. The Bravo personality answered some questions at the end of the tour. Her answered included revealing herself, her children, and her dog would live alone in the house.

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Naturally, this didn’t sound like someone who was happily in a six month relationship.

Are you sad to know Meghan King and Christian Schauf have officially split? Does the reason why surprise you? Share your thoughts with us.


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