Will MTV’s ’16 And Pregnant’ Return For Season 7?

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Fans of MTV’s Teen Mom franchise wonder if the series 16 and Pregnant will return for Season 7. Here’s everything we know about the MTV reality TV series featuring teenage mothers.

Season 6 of the series recently wrapped up

The final episode of 16 and Pregnant Season 6 aired just a few weeks ago on November 17th. The episode featured Kali and her boyfriend Auston. As those who follow the series know, Season 6 was a pretty special one. Why? Well, because it was MTV’s revival of the series after being off the air for six years. It was intended to be a reimagined limited series. Season 6 told the story of six different pregnant teenage couples.

Season 6 kicked off by introducing us to Madisen Beith. The pregnant 15-year-old lived in a very judgmental community in Arkansas. But, she was still showered with a lot of love and support thanks to her father. In fact, Meaww reveals the internet coined her father as “the best dad ever.” He never waivered in his support of his young daughter through her entire pregnancy.

We also met Madison “Maddie” Everheart. Her episode sent viewers into a rage as her mother was coined as a “racist Karen.”

Kashmonyae “Kash” Harris and her boyfriend Nate, however, were credited for having the most explosive episodes of Season 6.

So, is Season 7 of 16 and Pregnant a possibility?

With Season 6 recently coming to an end, it makes sense that fans would want to know when Season 7 would happen. Unfortunately, it seems as if it is more of a question of IF a Season 7 will happen. According to MeawwMTV has yet to give fans any information to suggest the series would be renewed for another season.

And, any time a network releases a “limited series…” It is usually because they don’t have plans to release additional seasons of the series. That being said, Season 6 of 16 and Pregnant got really great ratings. It was well-received by fans. So, chances are pretty good fans of the series would welcome another season of the series.


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If MTV decides to revive 16 and Pregnant for Season 7 they have one of two options. They could find a fresh batch of pregnant teenagers to follow. Or, they could continue the stories of the teenagers we met during Season 6. Considering how well-received both Season 6 and the series as a whole is… Viewers could get behind either option.

With the ongoing pandemic creating issues for shooting reality TV, it could be a while before we see another season of 16 and Pregnant. That being said, it could be an interesting spin for Season 7 to look at how terrifying it would be to be a pregnant teenager during a pandemic.

So, do you want to see a Season 7 of 16 and Pregnant? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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