Lifetime’s ‘The Christmas Listing’ Set In Real Minnesota Winter

Lifetime, The Christmas Listing- Photo by Courtesy of Lifetime Copyright 2020

Are you ready for non-stop new It’s A Wonderful Lifetime Christmas movie premieres this week? On Monday, November 30, Lifetime premieres The Christmas Listing. Starring Lexi Giovagnoli (A Very Charming Christmas Town) and Travis Burns (Neighbors), this is a charming and romantic Christmas movie.

What Is Lifetime’s The Christmas Listing About?

According to the Lifetime listing synopsis, Julia Rogers (Giovagnoli) and Chad Everest (Burns) find themselves in a bit of a real estate competition. Julia is hardworking and uptight. But her focus on work has hurt her Christmas spirit. In addition, she is too worried about her family’s real estate business to enjoy the splendor of the holiday.

Complicating things even more, Herb Erickson (Greg Evigan, General Hospital), isn’t just going to pick a realtor. He knows his property is special. Because of that, he expects the realtors to compete to sell his historic property. The realtors need to stay in the property for about a week. After a series of challenges, the person who is at the top has the honor of selling the Erickson Farmstead.

It is Christmas and having the spirit matters. Now, Lexi has to figure out how to get that spirit and quick. Moreover, she discovers that she and Chad have a lot more than real estate in common.

Lifetime’s The Christmas Listing Filmed In Minnesota

The cast and crew of Lifetime’s The Christmas Listing braved the bitter cold, and filmed in Isanti, Minnesota, back in early February, 2020. According to Fox9, the Ericsson Farmstead is a historic property. Now, Dennis Davis owns the place. Yet, when he bought it, it had been uninhabited for three decades.

Meanwhile, the farm is used as a wedding venue, and now, a Lifetime Christmas movie. Originally called Christmas In Farmstead, Davis was quite surprised how long it took to set up a shot for just a “few seconds” of the movie.

Watch New Lifetime Christmas Movies Non-Stop

It’s A Wonderful Lifetime is continuing now through the end of the year. In fact, Lifetime is currently in the midst of premiering 10 movies in a row. Moreover, with 33 new 2020 Christmas movies, they have a lot of holiday spirit to share.

Don’t forget to check out the delightful and festive, People Presents: Once Upon A Main Street. This movie stars Vanessa Lachey, Ryan McPartlin and Patrick Duffy. Can two bickering people get a group of businesses to get into the Christmas spirit and revive their area?

The Liddle Family is back, in Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding. Most importantly, this movie stars the incomparable Kelly Rowland. Expect an elaborate wedding extravaganza that only the Liddle family can complicate. For example, the wedding planner quits. Can Jacquie still have her dream wedding?

Lifetime’s The Christmas Listing premieres Monday, November 30 at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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