Lifetime’s ‘People Presents: Once Upon A Main Street’ Stars Vanessa Lachey, Patrick Duffy

Lifetime, People Presents; Once Upon A Main Street, Photo by Courtesy of Lifetime Copyright 2020

Now is the time for a very festive It’s A Wonderful Lifetime Christmas movie. The latest is People Presents: Once Upon a Main Street. This new movie stars Vanessa Lachey (A Twist Of Christmas), Ryan McPartlin (L.A.’s Finest) and Patrick Duffy (Dallas).

What Is Lifetime’s People Presents: Once Upon A Main Street About?

According to People, Amelia Lewis (Lachey) wants to put up a year-round Christmas shop. The enthusiastic, holiday-loving woman has found the perfect place. But, there is a catch.

Another budding entrepreneur, Vic Manning (McPartlin) has his own perfect plan. He has put down a competitive bid on the property. At the same time, both Amelia and Vic decide to visit the property owner, Elder Dubois (Duffy), in a nearby town. They each figure a face-to-face could help get them their shop.

Unfortunately, the property owner is not in good spirits. This is not a great Christmas for him. This is Elder’s first Christmas without his wife. Worse yet, he is the judge in the local Battle of the Main Street holiday decoration competition. Elder lost his Christmas spirit and has zero interest in fulfilling these duties.

Subsequently, Amelia and Vic offer to take over that responsibility. What they really want to do is get into Elder’s good graces. But, they need to work on their cooperation. Amelia and Vic spend more time arguing and trying to show off to Elder. But, when they realize that the Main Street merchants just can’t get along, they all vow to make it work.

Turns out, compromise is a a direct way to romance and a happily ever after.

Local Santa Gets A Christmas Movie Gig

He printed a photo, wrote down his name and number and handed the paper to the director, Polly Draper. He told her, “I know you’ve already got your cast, but, should you ever need Santa, I live right around the corner.” Although he started to walk away, director Polly shouted, “Hey, wait minute! How soon can you be ready?”
Lifetime movie fans can see Tom Strekal make his television debut as Santa in two scenes of  People Presents: Once Upon A Main Street.

How Many It’s A Wonderful Lifetime Movies Have You Seen?

It’s A Wonderful Lifetime is continuing now through the end of the year. In 2020, there will be a total of 33 new Lifetime Christmas movies! Right now, Lifetime is in the midst of premiering 10 movies in a row.

The streak started out with Melissa Joan Hart starring in Dear Christmas. Alongside the Sabrina star is Jason Priestley in his first Lifetime Christmas movie. He plays a firefighter, and she plays a romance podcaster who has never had a serious romance. That is the recipe for a perfect love.

People Presents: Once Upon A Main Street premieres on Sunday, November 29 at 8 p.m. Eastern, on Lifetime.

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