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Joy Forsyth RUINS Otherwise Adorable Photo Of Evelyn Mae, See How

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Unsurprisingly, Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth has been especially active on Instagram as she shows off her beautiful baby girl, Evelyn Mae. And, for the most part, her 1 million followers are here for the baby overload of cuteness. That being said, her latest photo of her beautiful baby girl isn’t getting a lot of love from the peanut gallery. In fact, out of sheer laziness, critics of the family agree she ruined what was otherwise an adorable photo of her baby girl. What exactly did Joy do to ruin a photo? Keep reading for the details.

Duggar snarks are over seeing the feet of the family

Duggar women (especially when they are pregnant) are known to spend a lot of time being barefoot. It’s a pretty heavily debated thing among the Duggar fan base. Some insist it is disgusting to see so many members of the family wander the house with no shoes on. Others claim it would be more disgusting for them to trapeze around the house in shoes that they wear in public. Truthfully, this is a controversial argument that goes far beyond the Duggar family.

That being said, the Duggar snarks in particular admit they are sick of seeing Duggar feet. If you don’t want to wear shoes, don’t wear shows. But, the Duggar snark community wishes the Duggar family would stop including their bare feet in photos and videos. In fact, Duggar snarks insist it just takes a few extra moments to crop something out of the photo.

Joy shares photo of Evelyn Mae, her feet included

A few hours ago, Joy shared a photo of baby Evelyn Mae. The baby girl looked warm and cozy in a fuzzy spotted footie zip-up pajamas. The PJs had some sort of pink animal (possible a cat) on the front. It was hard to make out the animal because the baby girl had her arms and hands blocking the animal in both photos attached to the post.

Technically, the Instagram post was a promotion of a product called “The Snuggle Me.” The first photo attached to the post was zoomed out to show how the product gave Evelyn Mae somewhere comfortable to be. Noticeably, this looked much safer than being left unattended on the couch. (Something Joy recently caught heat for). Evelyn Mae had a huge smile on her face suggestion she really enjoyed the cozy item.

Joy Forsyth Catches Heat For Putting Evelyn Mae In Danger, See Photo

Here’s what Duggar snarks had to say

On Reddit, Duggar snarks quickly called attention to the feet at the bottom of the photo. They noted the grotesque bare feet really took away from what was otherwise an adorable photo. In fact, they really let Joy have it.

  • “At this point it feel like I’ve seen the Duggars’ feet more than own.”
  • “The feet ruins it for me. Just take your baby in the frame.”
  • “I’m awful at taking photos of the baby laying on the floor so I just do the normal person thing and crop them afterward. Takes five seconds Joy.”
  • “The toe on her left foot is bent so unnaturally and makes me uncomfortable.”

Overall, critics of the Duggar family were not interested in hating on Evelyn Mae. In fact, they thought this was mostly a cute photo. They just wish Joy would have taken a few minutes to get her feet out of the frame.

The comments on Joy’s most recent post of Evy had me dead 😭 (repost with usernames covered, sorry mods!) from DuggarsSnark

So, did Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth ruin the photo with her feet?


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