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Jinger Vuolo, Jeremy & Michelle Duggar Take Evangeline For Checkup

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Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo welcomed their baby, Evangeline this month. Of course, photos of the newborn already came out. But more pictures trickle out. And now, Jeremy shared a photo of them with Jinger’s mom Michelle Duggar. They all went to the pediatrician for the baby’s first checkup.

Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo get some help from Michelle Duggar

We reported that one of the first photos the couple shared revealed Jinger kissing her baby girl on her head. And, her message to her daughter read, “Evangeline Jo Vuolo…arrived! 🎀 We are so thankful to God for this precious little angel! ❣️” However, Counting On fans know that when Felicity arrived, many pictures soon emerged online. So no doubt, many more photos of Evangeline arrive from the couple.

Speaking about Felicity and her reactions to the new baby, Popculture mentioned that she seems fine with it. But, they noted, Felicity “has no idea how much sharing is in her future.” Of course, with two little kids in the home parents often struggle. But, it looks like Michelle joined the young couple for the time being. Probably, Jinger Vuolo feels very grateful for some help with the kids right now.

Jinger Jeremy Michelle Evangeline
Jeremy Vuolo | Instagram

The checkup photo with Evangeline shared by Jeremy

TLC fans who follow Jeremy saw that on his Instagram Stories, he shared a sweet photo of grandma Michelle with him and Jinger. Jeremy held his baby and moved his mask down for the photo. But Jinger and her mom kept their faces well-covered. Clearly, Michelle does wear a mask sometimes. Actually, many Counting On fans slam the Duggars for carelessness with masks and social distancing. Hopefully, Jinger Vuolo and Jeremy remain healthy during this vital time when Evangeline needs so much attention.

We reported that recently, the Duggar clan all got together for a surprise engagement party for Justin and Claire. And, nobody worse a mask. However, everyone knew that just days before, Justin spent his birthday with Claire in Texas. So, it looks like none of them bother with quarantine at all. Then, at their huge fall festival, Counting On fans again spotted nobody social distancing or wearing any face covering at all. Everyone just played games, had competitions, and ate a feast without a care in the world. And previously, even Jinger Vuolo and Jeremy got slammed for not taking the coronavirus seriously.

Counting On fans hope for more Evangeline

Just like little Felicity, fans of Jinger Vuolo and Jeremy soak up photos of their new baby girl. On November 29, Jeremy shared a photo of himself cuddling Evangeline. And fans already try and see which Counting On parent she looks like. At the moment, it seems most fans agree that she looks a lot like her mom.

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