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Busby Family Of ‘OutDaughtered’ Enjoy Their First Hike Together

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Busby family fans heard that Adam and Danielle took the kids to Broken Bow Vacation Cabins. They went there for their Thanksgiving vacation as Danielle felt it was a safe destination during the coronavirus pandemic. The OutDaughtered mom mentioned that they went to the nearby Friends Trail. And there she even did a handstand next to a cliff above the river. Now, she shared that they went for their first real hike as a family.

Busby family shares photos of their first wilderness hike

On November 28, Adam and Danielle both shared photos of the hike. The OutDaughtered dad shared a cute photo of Hazel dressed in her black pants, a pink hoodie,  and hiking boots. She perched on a small tree during a break. Of course, she looked so cute that hundreds of fans shared loving heart emojis. One fan noted, “she growing up so beautifully😍.” And, many others said they “love” the little red-headed quint.

Meanwhile, the Busby family mom, Danielle also shared a photo. Hers revealed Blayke, Adam, the quints and herself standing next to the river. She captioned it with, “My brave little ladies! Loved every moment of our first hiking adventure. I do believe we have LOTS of Christmas card options for this year.” Once again, Hazel appeared in her outfit with the pink hoodie. And, it seems like their hiking day brought a preference for that color.

Pink on all the OutDaughtered kids’ outfits

All the quints wore hiking boots. But, big sister Blayke open for sneakers with bright pink laces. Meanwhile, pink featured in the knitted hats that Riley, Ava, and Olivia wore. Then, Parker stood with her pink sweater tied around her waist.  Those smiling kids looked thrilled and happy with their adventures. But, it looks like the Busby family wrap up their vacation now.

In her hashtags, Danielle noted, “#untilnexttime.” Well, hopefully, Adam soon cobbles all his pictures and videos together so TLC fans can enjoy their outing on YouTube.  Actually, he often brings good quality content over there. And some of them run for a decent amount of time. So, in-between season, OutDaughtered fans get plenty of content from the Busby family.

Busby Family first wilderness hike
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It’s a Buzz World on YouTube

Recent vlogs from Adam Busby revealed the quints enjoying a tea party followed by craft-making. Plus, they all got lost in a cornfield in another video. Then, another one reveals how the Busby family kids all made ice tie-dye tees. During 2020, the OutDaughtered family certainly kept plenty of fresh content out there for fans who itched for more of their favorite reality TV stars.

What did you think of the photos that Adam and Danielle shared of the Busby family on their first hike together? Do you wish you could get away into the wilderness for a bit? Sound off in the comments below.

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