Julie Chrisley Rocks Savannah-Inspired Stylish Short Hair Cut, See Photo

Chrisley Knows BestĀ star Julie is rocking a new stylish short hair cut and fans of the reality TV mom are here for it. Fans, however, can’t help but wonder if this wasn’t a Savannah-inspired hair cut. After all, it is a pretty short look for Julie!

Julie Chrisley and her husband Todd

Todd and Julie Chrisley rose to fame thanks to their reality TV seriesĀ Chrisley Knows Best. Fans fell in love with the family’s faith, the family members’ personalities, and everything in between. Regrettably, we don’t see as much of Julie on social media as we do some of the other members of the family. But, when we do… Fans are here for it.

Now, we know Todd and Julie Chrisley have a podcast in addition to their reality TV series. They upload new episodes once a week. The episodes are usually an hour or two long. They answer a lot of fan questions. And, they discuss what is currently going on in their life. The podcasts are usually very informative for those who enjoy keeping up with the details of the family.

While previewing this week’s podcast episode, Todd and Julie Chrisley also revealed the mama of the family got a hair cut recently.

Mama Chrisley flaunts her new short hair cut, fans love it

A few weeks ago, Julie Chrisley shared a photo of herself promoting the gift boxes they were selling for Christmas this year. In the photo, Julie had her typical hair style fans were used to seeing.

It’s Been A Year Since Savannah Chrisley Chopped Off Her Hair

Her full and wavy hair was blown back out of her face. It was just below shoulder length. Her new hair cut though? It has serious Savannah-inspired vibes. Julie Chrisley has ditched all of that thick and beautiful volume. And, it seems like she’s gone for something easier to manage.

Now, Todd and Julie Chrisley both shared the same photo of themselves making duck lips for the camera a few days ago. The photo was attached to the promotion of the latest podcast episode. One thing fans quickly noticed as Julie was rocking a much shorter hair cut. But, Julie didn’t get the same backlash her daughter did when she chopped off all of her hair. Though, to be fair, Julie didn’t cut hers nearly as short. But, it was still a pretty big difference compared to what fans were used to seeing.

Check out the photos of Julie before and after her new stylish short hair cut below to see what you think!

Todd Julie Chrisley Instagram hair cut

So, what do you think of Julie Chrisley’s stylish short hair cut? Let us know in the comments!

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