Chase Chrisley’s Net Worth Trends Amid Heat For Overpriced Candles

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The net worth of Chase Chrisley is currently trending. Now, we know the net worth of someone famous only trend for a few reasons. The most prominent is when the celebrity passes away. Fortunately, that isn’t the case her. Chase Chrisley is alive and kicking.

So, why are so many people seeking out Chase Chrisley’s net worth? Well, it is because of his new business venture. He recently released a new product. Candles. And, some of his followers were not happy. Not happy about the price. After his sister Savannah released such a reasonably priced make-up kit… Fans were a little let down when the price tag on Chase’s candles felt kind of high.

Chase Chrisley Net Worth: Does He Need Money?

One of the biggest assumptions is perhaps Chase Chrisley is hurting for money. It would make sense for him to sell overpriced candles if he was hurting for cash. So, this resulted in fans looking up his net worth. If they could see how much he was worth… Maybe they would better understand why his prices seemed greedy.

Now, people complained about the candles. They said they were overpriced. But, that didn’t stop them from buying them out. In fact, the first wave of his candles sold out completely. According to Meaww, that only added to his bank account. And, his current net worth of $500,000.

Currently, Chase Chrisley is not the richest in the family based on net worth. And, no, it isn’t Todd. The richest member of the family based on net worth is actually Julie. Julie Chrisley is currently worth $3 million. And, Todd? Well, Todd’s net worth doesn’t look so great. Currently, he is estimated to have a net worth of negative five million. Yikes.

Todd Chrisley’s Current Net Worth Is Surprisingly Low & Here’s Why

They have the reality TV show to thank

It goes without saying that a large chunk of the money sitting in the Chrisley bank accounts comes fromĀ Chrisley Knows Best. In fact, many fans believe Chase and Nanny Faye carry the show. Some even want a spin off featuring just these two.

What doesn’t come from the show still comes from the popularity of the show. After all, the show is the reason why the family has such a huge following. And, it is that following that does things such as buying $35 candles.

Chase Chrisley Collection Sells Out In One Day

So, does it surprise you to know Chase Chrisley has a net worth of $500,000? Did you buy a candle? Did you think they were overpriced? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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