’90 Day Fiance’ Darcey Silva Records Drunk Cameos, Is She Ok?

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90 Day Fiancé Darcey Silva has been through a lot this year. After posting some drunk Cameo videos fans start to worry that she’s spiraling downhill! Many wonder if she’s even ok or if something is seriously wrong?

Darcey Silva’s recurring cosmetic surgeries worried fans 

At one time fans were worried that Darcey was having too many surgeries to enhance her looks. Darcey and her sister went under the knife for a twin-transformation procedure in 2019. Darcey later stated that they did it to continue keeping their bodies “healthy, fit, and fabulous.” The surgeries continued for “maintenance” reasons. This kept fans worried and hoping she could stop with the surgeries at some point. But this is the last thing that’s concerning her adoring fan base. A series of drunk Cameo videos have taken the spot of things to worry about when it comes to Darcey. Many people want to know, is she ok?

Bring on the Spin-off shows

The twin sisters recently premiered on their own 90 Day Fiancé spin-off, Darcey & Stacey. With her twin she finally met the man of her dreams. Fans watched as Darcey happily received the engagement ring she had patiently been waiting for. 

Darcey and Georgi’s life together

Fans thought Georgi Rusev and Darcey’s relationship was solid, but some recent social media activities made them wonder. Especially after Darcey posted some obscure and curious captions on Instagram about no longer being in a relationship with her lover. 


The Instagram post that signaled an SOS message

Georgi Posted a picture of himself and Stacey on their first date. Darcey commented, “I tried and rather not be in this picture,” before adding, “please take me off your page. Thank you.” This left fans to wonder if the couple has gone their separate ways.

The Cameo video that has caused fans to scratch their head

The video that has everyone talking about has its own Reddit thread.  One of the videos is shocking, showing Darcey giving a message to a fan named Sharon from her husband Brian. Darcey shows off her beautiful Christmas decor and excitedly wishes the couple a happy anniversary. But, then it turns when she sadly adds, “14 years of being married is so golden. Nobody else has ever done that in my life.” One thing is apparent to fans, throughout the entire video it’s clear how inebriated the reality show star is, even slurring her words, in case there was any doubt.

Fans are concerned!

On the Reddit post, fans of Darcey posted their thoughts on what’s happening. A viewer stated, “she’s been totally wasted during most of her Cameos lately.” One fan said Stacey should “go check in on her sister ASAP!” Another fan adds, “This is getting sad now. No one knows what’s wrong’s going on with Darcey, maybe this year has just been hard on her and she cracked under all the pressure. One thing is for sure. She needs some kind of intervention to get her life back on track!

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