Chrissy Teigen Jokes About Her Downsized Thanksgiving

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Chrissy Teigen downsized her Thanksgiving this year. As usual, the supermodel had plenty of jokes. In a new interview with People, Chrissy admitted that she didn’t “want to wake up at 4 A.M.” to cook a meal. Instead, she wanted to enjoy the holiday with her family.

She wanted to scale back on the traditional Thanksgiving dinner this year. It makes sense since big parties aren’t allowed and it’s been a weird year. The Cravings author is usually known for her delicious side dishes. But Chrissy and her husband John Legend want to shift their focus away from food.

Thanksgiving wants to focus on food rather than gratitude.

Chrissy Teigen explains the reason behind her downsized Thanksgiving

In an interview with People, Chrissy Teigen said that she and John Legend want to focus on family. Plus, she didn’t want to spend all night cooking a meal. Instead, she wanted to enjoy more time with them. Like most, Chrissy wasn’t feeling it this year and it’s totally relatable.

“I just don’t have it in me! I’ve been doing this for 10 years with John and his family now, and I think I’ve gotten a little tired of just seeing so much food go to waste,” the 34-year-old said. “I go way too hard with way too many sides.”

Chrissy admitted that they only focused on “the staples.” And they had plans to watch plenty of football. John chimed in: “We’re downsize a little bit!” Also, the couple just partnered with McDonald’s to give back to families with critically ill or injured children through the Ronald McDonald House Charities. They are grateful to be with their loved ones this year.

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“We’re making it much more about enjoying the time with [family],” Chrissy said. “I don’t want to wake up at 4 in the morning the entire week anymore to get [the meal] done. I want to enjoy the meal with my family while they’re enjoying it.”

Starting now through December 31st, McDonald’s will give $100 as part of its $100 million effort over the next five years for each photo or video posted on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter using the hashtag #HereforRMHC.

Model shows empathy for child patients

The influencer also shared empathy for the families who have kids with health problems. Some of them have to relocate, so they can spend most of their time at the closest children’s hospital. Unfortunately, most of them are several hours away. Chrissy loves what Ronald McDonald House is doing for them.

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“Imagine how scary it is for a child to be alone at the hospital,” she exclaimed. “I’m a grown adult and I can’t fathom John not being with me, and my mom. It’s completely unfair.”

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Chrissy shared the details of her devastating miscarriage. Not just her story, but the heartbreaking photos as well. She and her husband are still in grief over the loss of their son. She also recently supported Meghan Markle for sharing her own miscarriage story.

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