Whitney Way Thore Fans Turn On Chase & Whitney Over The Bar

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Whitney and Chase new season

Whitney Way Thore seemingly missed a lot of red flags with her fiance Chase. In the new season, fans watch the destruction of their relationship play out. But, many of them already knew so much that already happened from social media. Nevertheless, fans turned on Chase Severino all over again because of his bar. And, Whitney didn’t go unscathed either

Whitney Way Thore too desperate & jealous fans think

We reported at the start of the new season on TLC, that the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star missed a lot of red flags. Clearly, Chase just used her for some fame fans believe. It’s as clear as day that they never did the things lovers do. Like most people who get engaged hold hands, or kiss. Terms of endearment flow between them. But, Chase and Whitney did hardly any of that.

Plus, Whitney Way Thore seemingly brings some control issues to the table. After all, she always expected Chase to move to Charlotte. But he already ran his bar in Wilmington. And, while she talked about him moving to accommodate her, he never really sounded committed. Actually, he took her to the bar but she seemed unimpressed. In fact, she even complained because he named a drink after his friend instead of her. So, she came over as desperate and jealous of small things.

Fans slam Chase and Whitney

Over on Twitter, fans slammed Whitney. As far as they could see, the relationship already hit rock bottom before the quarantine came along. After all, they talked about marrying in exotic places. But, they never really settled where they’d live after marrying. And those are big decisions. Actually, Whitney expected all the compromise to come from Chase in My Big Fat Fabulous Life.

One fan wrote, “I really like Whitney, but I feel like she’s gotten a huge attitude since getting engaged. Is it just me? ” And another fan commented, ” Hmmm…why would she bring up the moving to Wilmington at lunch. You pissed about it and you should your tone and body language will read that way. You have to use wisdom about it.” Other fans felt Whitney Way Thore just desperately wanted a wedding at any cost, as long as she controlled the relationship. But, Chase never got off scot-free.

Chase in trouble for several reasons

Some fans of MBFFL lashed out at Chase. He kept talking about his bar as if it’s so special. But several people who live in Wilmington described it as “seedy.” One noted, “I live in Wilmington and yes, the bar is near the college…but also seedy.” And another one noted, “Ummm please stop saying bar, BABE, this is the dumpster fire we all went to in college and got sloppy *ss drunk on $2 vodka crans.”

And, others noted that Chase already had a life in Wilmington. Obviously, he wasn’t into Whitney Way Thore. As one TLC fan explained, he got a girl preggos there. And, by the time quarantine came along, he was free to get on with her.” Meanwhile, others think he just used the show for more customers at the bar.

As one fan noted, “I feel like Chase & Ryan are sitting back, laughing & talking Pile of poo about Whitney! They both played with her heart & emotions. I think that they only befriended her to get their brands, Chase with his bar, Ryan with his fitness followers! Both are mean & cruel!

What are your thoughts? Was Whitney Way Thore too controlling? And did Chase just use her for publicity? Sound off in the comments below.

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