How Did Mark Cuevas Of ‘Love Is Blind’ And His Girlfriend Reveal Baby’s Gender?

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Mark Cuevas is known for being all in with Jessica Batten on Love is Blind. When he posted the announcement initially one fan joked, “but you’re only twenty-four.” Jessica famously referenced their ten-year age difference often during the show. That ultimately ended up being the reason their relationship didn’t work out.

After that relationship didn’t continue after the show, fans were thrilled to hear the news he’d found someone. Now him and his girlfriend Aubrey Rainey are having a baby and he was happy to share the gender with everyone. Fans like that Mark has been able to find love. One said, “You may not have found your match on the show, but you certainly found her outside of the show!” Another said, “after watching that show I prayed you would find a woman who appreciates and respects you.”

In a clip shared to his social media that he captioned, “gender reveal,” the couple shared the news with everyone. He said, “I love this stuff, guys. Aubrey’s very impatient… actually we both are. We already know the gender, but we decided to do this for everyone and share it with the world.”

Where Did Mark Cuevas And Aubrey Reveal The Gender?

In the video below the couple are on a rooftop. There’s a small group of friends surrounding them. He turns to his girlfriend and says, “so babe… you ready? Drum roll, please.” Mark Cuevas lights up a box of fireworks which light up the sky. The two shot off confetti poppers full of blue confetti.

“It’s a boy,” Mark shouted and then said, “stay tuned for the rest of our journey here for the next couple of months.” The two looked thrilled with their baby news. Mark told E News, “I’m so excited to be a dad—seriously one of the proudest moments of my life. I’m going to be a protective dad, but also a dad that will always support my child in any endeavor.”

Others From Love Is Blind Sent Their Congratulations

Matt Barnett wished his co-star Mark Cuevas the best. He said, “congrats my guy! Your little dude is going to have the best life! He definitely has some of the coolest parents.” Amber, his wife, said, “So excited to meet y’all’s little guy! Congratulations y’all!”

Kenny Barnes also said, “congratulations, man! You’re going to be an incredible father.” Vinny Ventiera of Bachelor in Paradise said if they were looking for middle name suggestions, he had one. He said, “I heard Vinny is a strong one.” Fans were also really supportive of the cute pair. One said, “a king getting the happy ending he deserves.”   is rumored to be coming back in 2021 and fans are thrilled to see the next installment.

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