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Christine Brown Gets Flirty With Kody Brown, Leaves Critics Disturbed

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Kody Brown is getting some love from wife number three, Christine Brown. However, critics are not here for it. The Sister Wives stars are catching some heat after Christine attempted to send a fluffy message that her marriage is in tact.

The History of Sister Wives Christine and Kody Brown

Kody and Christine are notorious polygamists as he married first wife Meri in April of 1990. In January 1993, he had a  spiritual marriage to second wife, Janelle. Kody and Christine spiritually wed the following year. Together, they have six children: Aspyn, Mykelti, Paedon, Gwendlyn, Ysabel, and Truely. Kody caught heat for kissing fourth wife, Robyn, whom he was courting at the time, while Christine was in labor. He went onto wed Robyn in 2010.

In a Sister Wives interview, Kody admitted he was not initially attracted to Christine. She has seemingly been the most loyal wife along with Robyn. The series, which premiered in 2010, documented Kody’s ups and downs with his four wives. Christine was the one wife with a smile always on her face. From moving to Las Vegas from Utah to Flagstaff; Christine never balked. Something suspicious just happened to raise eyebrows. Problems in paradise?

Kody Sells Christine His Home

Since the Browns moved to Arizona, they have been very transient. At the end of August, Christine took out a loan for nearly $400K. It was ultimately to purchase the home she and Kody had been sharing. That’s some boss babe money. So, how does she make her money? Christine sells Lularoe and does Cameos, according to her Instagram. Once fans caught wind of the home sale, the rumor mill went swirling. Was the “marriage” over?

Did Christine Brown & Kody Split? ‘Sister Wives’ Star Gives Nonverbal Response

At this point, Kody is only legally married to one wife: Robyn. Plot twist. You may remember that first wife, Meri divorced him so he could marry Robyn. Why? So he could legally adopt her three children. He has no legal obligation to Christine aside from their two minor kids. Christine must not have liked the rumors so she quickly tried to debunk them.

Dispelling the Rumors

Saturday, Christine filmed Facebook Live, which included a demo on Thanksgiving rolls. She tagged Kody and poked fun at him for how he eats his rolls: “Seriously!! @kodywinnbrown !! Eat the whole roll! Not just the top!! Are you 10! #kids #pickyeaters #thanksgiving #rolls #howoldareyou.” Second wife, Janelle, also chimed in to defend Kody’s top eating: “Haha but the tops of your rolls are the best! So buttery!!”

Okay, so Christine is showing Kody is still around. He will be around for the holidays. Great, they are still together. What fans and critics did not care to read about was how Kody eats his rolls.


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Clearly, she has not learned the art of flirting. And, now, a lot of Sister Wives fans have to live with the mental image of Kody stuffing his mouth full of rolls. Thanks, Christine.

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