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UPtv’s ‘Dashing Home For Christmas’: Finding Love While Trying To Get Home


Ready for a UPtv road trip movie, taking planes, trains and automobiles to get home for Christmas? UPtv’s latest movie, Dashing Home For Christmas detours holiday travel and steers it to love. Starring Paniz Zade (The Handmaid’s Tale), Adrian Spencer (What We Do In The Shadows), Andrew Bushell (Jump, Darling), and Suzanne Cyr (Christmas Wedding Runaway), this is a zany adventure of what happens when you are making other plans.

What Is UPtv’s Dashing Home For Christmas About?

According to UPtv, Emily Nichols (Zade) is a workaholic. Because of Emily’s job as a business consultant, she is always working, and missing her family’s Christmas. Despite her work success, Emily feels she is missing out. She loves Christmas, and being with her family is important to her. She needs to make time for those important details.

This is the year that she is going home. She needs to tie up some loose ends on her phone, then she can relax though the holidays. But, it appears that she is in the midst of the worst Christmas travel delays.

First, she misses her flight thanks to public transportation. Next, now that she is rescheduled to a different flight, she has to deal with a diverted flight. Moreover, the train breaks down. What else can happen? This sort of situation is very difficult on Emily’s type A personality. She likes everything planned out. Emily certainly didn’t plan on all of these travel issues. Worse yet, she loses her wallet. How can she manage now? She has one thing to be grateful for.

Thankfully, she is not alone in this unfortunate adventure. She has befriended nerdy and cute, Simon Alleine (Spencer). Simon handles change really well. Always wearing rose colored glasses, he sees each delay as a positive opportunity.

Does he see that this opportunity has allowed them to get to know each other, and learn to trust someone else? Most of all, will they fall in love?

When Can You Watch UPtv’s Dashing Home For Christmas?

The premiere of UPtv’s Dashing Home For Christmas is at 7 p.m. Eastern, on UPtv, on Sunday, November 22.

Have A Merry Movie Christmas!

UPtv wants you to have A Merry Movie Christmas! Don’t forget to catch some of their other Christmas movies. They are repeated throughout the holiday seasons.

Start out with  A Very Country Christmas Homecoming. This is the third movie in this beloved series. Starring Bea Santos (Murdoch Mysteries), Greyston Holt (Cross Country Christmas), and Deana Carter (A Very Country Wedding). They are back from their honeymoon, and are ready to spend their first Christmas together.

In addition, A Ring For Christmas is another fun and touching romcom. Starring Liliana Tandon (Period Piece), Dean Geyer (Glee), Charles Hittinger (Pretty Little Liars) Lorraine Bracco (Rizzoli & Isles) and Michael Gross (Family Ties). This is a story of a disinherited rich girl who finds out that getting married lets her get a very generous trust. Now, she is looking for a groom for Christmas.

UPtv’s latest movie, Mistletoe Magic  is about magical mistletoe that makes people fall in love. This movie stars Stephen Huszar (Ruby Herring), and Jessica Sipos (Wynonna Earp), in a lighthearted movie with a bit Christmas magic.

Don’t forget to catch the premiere of UPtv’s Dashing Home For Christmas is at 7 p.m. Eastern, on UPtv, on Sunday, November 22.

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