Jinger Duggar And Jeremy Vuolo’s New Book Gets A Release Date

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo fans focus on their baby right now. But, the news arrived that in May next year, their first published book arrives. Titled The Hope We Hold, it comes out via the publisher of  “Worthy” books. As you’d expect, it focuses on their love story.

Jinger Duggar and  Jeremy Vuolo release book after four years of marriage

We reminded readers on November 6, that the Counting On couple just celebrated their 4th anniversary. The family of three, with baby Felicity, await their second child. And fans can’t wait for the first photos of the new addition. Popular, the TLC coupled appear in the show. Plus, they run their own podcast. And now, they wrote a book together! No doubt plenty of Duggar fans buy it as soon as it’s officially released.

The Sun first talked about a book in the works. And they highlighted the fact that many critics of Counting On slammed Jeremy Vuolo and his wife, Jinger Duggar. Actually, that seems a bit unfortunate. After all, nobody read it yet! The outlet also suggested a sort of “Tell-All” book. But it seems nothing like that really. So, don’t hold your breath for too much Duggar tea.

The Hope We Hold – what’s the book about?

Over on the Hatchette Book Group site, they detail the book. It looks like it comes on all main online platforms.  The book debuts on May 1, 2021. And, the registered ISBN number is listed as 13: 9781546015864. It might also come as a hardback and in an audio version. 256 pages long, it talks about the “highs and lows of their love story.” Plus they go back in time to discuss their courtship.

Of course, they also cover the time when little Felicity arrived. Detailing their “sleepless nights” and experiences as “new parents,” lots of young couples should relate to it. Despite some issues, as all young parents and married couples experience, there’s “the silver thread of hope.” Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar don’t claim they “have all the answers,” but they explain how they use their faith.

The overall message appears to be “an inheritance of glory, a life richer than we can imagine if we only walk with Him.”

Jinger Duggar Jeremy Vuolo book
Worthy Books

Not a Tell-All

If the TLC stars brought out a Tell-All styled book that revealed life with the Duggar family, lots more people might show interest in it. After all, since Derick Dillard started spilling some Counting On tea, lots of fans hope for that. But, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo accumulated lots of fans who adore them. They love their marriage and look to them as parenting goals. So, probably they sell a lot of copies when The Hope We Hold releases next year.

Will you buy the book by Jeremy and Jinger? Sound off in the comments below.

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