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‘Supernatural’ Fans React To The Heartbreaking Series Finale

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Supernatural has officially ended. Viewers of the beloved series tuned in to the CW on Thursday night to watch the final episode, which concluded the saga of Sam and Dean Winchester in a heartbreaking way. Of course, fans also took to social media to share their thoughts and emotions about the end of the show, People Magazine reports.

“Goodnight and goodbye to one of my favorite shows. I will miss watching all the stories about my favorite two brothers and their ragtag group of friends and family. Thank you Supernatural for 15 amazing seasons!” one fan tweeted following the finale.

“I literally just woke up and broke down crying my eyes out,” another wrote.

“Even with 12 hours of spoilers, nothing prepared me for this. This was so so beautifully painful, I got no words. Can’t express just what I’m feeling, and honestly, that’s what supernatural is all about,” a third tweet read.

Warning: ‘Supernatural’ series finale spoilers below

During the Supernatural Season 15 finale, fans watched as Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) headed out on a routine hunting expedition to kill a nest of vampires. Just as it looked like they were going to finish up as they had multiple times before, Dean was inadvertently impaled by a piece of wood sticking out of a nearby wall.

He immediately knew that he was done for and quickly called his younger brother over to say a final goodbye. Dean declared his love for Sam, and gushed over how proud he was of the man he’d become. The two men embraced as Dean insisted that his brother live a full and happy life. Finally, Sam watched Dean fade away in one of the most devastating scenes in the show’s history.

Dean’s on-screen death was an emotional roller coaster. However, it was quickly revealed that he had landed in Heaven. Dean’s version of Heaven was reuniting with loved ones such as Bobby, and driving his beloved Chevy Impala on back roads.

Meanwhile, Sam was busy living. Scenes played out of Sam playing his his look-alike son. His son grew older and so did Sam, as evident by his graying hair. Finally, Sam is seen in a hospital bed as his son comes in to say goodbye. Sam slips away and finds himself reunited with his brother in Heaven.

Fans reveal an overall sadness following the final episode

It was no surprise to many Supernatural fans to see both Sam and Dean die at the end of the series. However, many viewers seemed to believe that they would die together, and seeing Sam living a long life without his brother was more than some could bear.

“I’m sad overall that its over. There were things I didn’t like, some I did. but I just feel empty right now,” one fan said, seemingly echoing the thoughts of many.

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have issuing warnings to Supernatural fans for weeks. The actors revealed that the episode was a tearjerker, and that fans should mentally prepare themselves for the end.

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