Kelly Dodd’s Positive Beverage Hit By Poor Reviews

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Kelly Dodd claims she’s a successful businesswoman on The Real Housewives of Orange County. On Wednesday night’s episode, she unveiled her Positive Beverage brand. Kelly is selling a range of flavored bottled water. In the previous season, alum Vicki Gunvalson claimed Kelly was just an investor and not the owner of the company.

Kelly vehemently defended herself. She insisted that it was her own company because she spent her own money on it. However, that could also make her just the investor. On the latest episode of RHOC Season 15, Kelly said her business has been doing well after they stocked their products at Target.

Since then, Kelly’s business has been hit with negative reviews.

Positive Beverage company isn’t doing well?

Kelly Dodd claims her Positive Beverage company is successful before the coronavirus pandemic. But one of Kelly’s biggest moneymakers, Expo West, canceled its event. On Wednesday night’s episode, Kelly tells her employees that Shannon Beador is also starting a water brand, which ticks her off. It was a rehash of the wine wars between Ramona Singer and Bethenny Frankel on RHONY.

Some viewers took to Twitter to talk about Kelly’s water brand. Some of them shared that they never saw it on store shelves. Others are shocked to learn about her business. One fan Googled Positive Beverage and noticed that it has negative reviews on Here are some of the reviews:

  • “I would not recommend this drink. It’s super sour and has a funky aftertaste.”
  • “Tastes terrible. Will not buy again.”
  • “Not for me. Tried the mandarin flavor and I was surprised. It was icky. It says sparkling but this was flat with a few bubbles. Tastes like super sour oranges. It was awful. 2 sips and in the trash it went. Glad I only bought one can to try. Seriously, I do not recommend.”
  • “Horrible flavor. Returning!!”
  • “This is terrible. It has the worst aftertaste of any flavored water ever. Blech.”

But not all the reviews were negative. One customer claimed that the taste was “great” and it “makes me feel great.” Another customer said she would recommend Positive Beverage. Interestingly enough, the brand has either been discontinued or no longer available on Target. It’s only available in 12-packs on the official website.

Fans troll Kelly Dodd about her brand flavors

In her confessional, Kelly Dodd called out the haters who questioned her entrepreneurial skills. But that didn’t last long when she couldn’t figure out the ingredients in her water brand. Kelly visited her office and discussed the flavors with her employees. She took a sip of her own water and says it tastes like tangerine.

One of her employees corrected her and said that it’s prickly pear flavor and not tangerine. The RHOC star wondered what prickly pear is. She says she only heard of pear and not prickly pear. Her employee informs her that it’s another name for cactus fruit.

Fans claimed that Kelly was ignorant of the ingredients of her own brand. They weren’t impressed by her entrepreneurial skills.

One tweeted, “You are not a businesswoman Kelly. You have no idea what’s in your water, what you should do to differentiate but your team does.”

Another user added: “Kelly’s such a smart businesswoman that she doesn’t even know what fruits are in the water she’s hawking.”

Even some fans echoed Vicki’s claims that Kelly is just an investor. Despite the bad reviews, Kelly continues to promote her water on social media. What are your thoughts? Sound off below in the comments section.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesday night at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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