‘Below Deck’: Dreaming Of Exotic Beaches? Sandy Yawn Found One

Below Deck Captain Sandy Yawn

Below Deck fans often see Sandy Yawn posting up about the environment. And often, she shares about the marine animals that she loves. Stunning destinations become part and parcel of life for people like Sandy. After all, the yachting industry takes clients to many beautiful places. But that’s work for Captain Sandy. So, she dreams of exotic beaches without a camera crew. And now, she shared that she found one.

Below Deck – Captain Sandy Yawn shares on Instagram

Bravo fans enjoy following Sandy on Instagram. Even out of season, she shares her passion for things marine. And, she shares about eco-travel and sea animals. We reported that she posted up a photo of an eco-friendly yacht in July this year. And at one stage, she shared a beautiful video of whales. Fans love that someone who earns money from the sea actually cares about the conservation of its creatures.

Below Deck fans appreciate that Sandy Yawn uses her influence to deliver awareness about environmental issues. COVID-19 put a big brake on travel and exotic destinations. So, many people hope that 2021 returns the opportunity for travel. And, they sometimes say that their dreams of idyllic getaways help them cope through a difficult year. Now, it looks like Sandy feels the same way.

Dream beach found by Sandy Yawn

On Monday, November 16, Sandy took to her Instagram and shared a stunning photo of an exotic beach. Now, it looks like it makes it onto her bucket list. Her caption read, “Now that’s a beach! @leahraeshaferofficial this is where we will go in 2021! …Closing my eyes and dreaming of the Bahamas…☀️👍🛥⚓️.”

Next, the Below Deck captain credited the photos with, “#repost: @exumabahamas Via: @geoff_coombs. And she mentioned,”@yachts_newyork.” Over on Yachts New York, they geotagged it as “Exuma, The Bahamas.” Of course, loads of beautiful beaches exist there. But it looks like the famously stunning beach near Big Farmers Cay, according to bahamas.com.

Below Deck Captain Sandy Yawn finds exotic beach
Image credits Geoff Coombs via Sandy Yawn | Instagram

Mile-long Sandbar

According to the website, the beach is located “just south of Big Farmer’s Cay.” There, delighted visitors discover a “stretch of pure white sand.” And, it only emerges from the “blue-green water at low tide.” Also known as the “Mile-long Sandbar,” it’s seldom overcrowded. There, people enjoy shelling, walking, sunbathing, and “picnicking” in this paradise.

Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck hopes to visit it in 2021. And now, so do many of her Bravo fans who also dream of an exotic beach destination. They talked about “paradise,” “heaven” and “dreamy.”One fan commented, “Oh just dreamy. I’d never leave!!” One lucky follower noted, “I’ve been and it’s absolutely amazing. You will have so much fun!!”

What did you think of the exotic beach that Sandy Yawn from Below Deck shared? Did you ever go there? Sound off in the comments below.

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