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Savannah Chrisley, Endometriosis, & Pregnancy: Can She Have Children One Day?

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Some wonder how having children comes into play with Savannah Chrisley’s endometriosis.

Savannah has been extremely candid regarding her experience with endometriosis. And, Chrisley Knows Best fans have really appreciated it. That being said, some can’t help but wonder what the condition means for her fertility. Will she be able to bring beautiful babies into the world in the future? After all, we know Savannah has mentioned on social media a few times that she does want children.

Endometriosis during pregnancy, is it possible?

If you are someone who doesn’t know a lot about endometriosis… You might wonder if Savannah Chrisley will be able to have children. Fortunately, we were curious too. So, we did a little digging into the question.

According to Healthline, between 15 and 20 percent of fertile couples trying to get pregnant will be successful each month. For couples dealing with endometriosis, the success number drops to anywhere from 2 to 10 percent.

So, can Savannah Chrisley get pregnant? Yes, she can. But, is it easy for her to get pregnant? Well, that is a different story. Unfortunately, the older Savannah Chrisley becomes… The more challenging it is going to be for her to conceive. Plus, the other health risks of having a child later in life. So, it is really no surprise that her fans were devastated when her engagement to Nic Kerdiles fell apart. Likewise, her ending the relationship all together was equally devastating.

Does Savannah Chrisley have a plan for having children?

The Chrisley Knows Best star recently sat down with People Magazine. During the sit down, she discussed the issues surrounding getting pregnant with endometriosis. Turns out, she’s decided to look into freezing some of her eggs. Why? So the opportunity to have children is there for her in the future. When she’s ready.

Savannah Chrisley Instagram
[Savannah Chrisley Instagram]
“I have been blessed with such an amazing career and the financial means to do so. For me, I’ve always said, ‘God meant me to be a mother.’ I know I would be devastated if that couldn’t happen for me. I’ve had some doctors explain it to me like an insurance policy. I’m so fortunate to do so.” Savannah Chrisley revealed. The young reality TV star acknowledges how fortunate she is to be in a place where she can take this step financially.

I’m 23, so therefore I don’t have to worry about a ticking time clock. I can have that safety. Things got real for sure whenever I started thinking about that because never in a million years did I think that would be my life.”

Considering how young Savannah Chrisley is, she’s happy she doesn’t feel like she’s racing a clock to have children. She has time now.

Savannah Chrisley Instagram
[Savannah Chrisley Instagram]
She continued: “But I’m blessed there are these options out here. Just because you have to do things a little different than some other women doesn’t mean that it’s any less special. That’s how I look at it. It doesn’t matter how we get there, just as long as we get there.”

She isn’t in a rush, but she’s super thankful.

Savannah Chrisley isn’t rushing out to get pregnant right now. And, she recognizes not all women are as fortunate as she is to have options. She, however, believes she will be a fantastic mother one day. She’s just glad she has time to get there when it feels right. Instead of having to rush into it because of her health.

Are you happy to hear Savannah Chrisley has a plan? A plan for having children despite endometriosis? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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