Could Jackson Abandon Lindsie Chrisley When He’s Older?

Jackson is one of many reasons why Chrisley Knows Best fans dislike Lindsie abandoning her father Todd’s side of the family completely. Why? They don’t think it is fair that Jackson never gets to see his grandfather. Or, his aunt Savannah and uncles Chase and Grayson. Considering Kyle Chrisley is still in contact with Todd and his siblings… Fans assume he likely doesn’t have much contact with Lindsie Chrisley either. But, we aren’t too sure about that last one.

Lindsie Chrisley recently took a dig at Julie and Todd

For some unknown reason, Lindsie Chrisley recently took a dig at Julie and Todd. She discussed holidays and family reunions. Truthfully, she admits it is exhausting around the holidays. When you grow up… You have your own family. And, you have your childhood family. Around the holidays, you are expected to spend time with both.

Lindsie Chrisley is in a bit of a unique situation. Why? Because she cut ties with Todd and Julie. So, she doesn’t have this problem. There’s no planning a Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner with grandma and grandpa. There’s no rush to buy extra presents for family members on her father’s side of the family. Lindsie Chrisley admitted on Instagram it was completely relaxing. She described it as a whole “mood.” And, she relished in not having to deal with it.

Her followers reacted in a lot of different ways

With 565,000 followers, it is no surprise they had a lot of different reactions to this Instagram post. There, however, didn’t appear to be too many negative trolls in the comments. In fact, the biggest question that kept coming up was about her bio mother’s side of the family. Lindsie confirmed she didn’t have the same negative relationship with her mother. Her mother was not a public figure. And, she had no interest in being one. But, she did talk to her mother. Which was more than she could say for her father.

Some wonder if she speaks to Kyle. This curiosity comes up because Lindsie and Kyle share the same birth mother. Lindsie, however, has not cleared the air on that question.

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One of her followers, however, wanted to discuss Jackson

Lindsie Chrisley had a follower who was curious about Jackson. They worried the way she cut ties with her father’s side of the family was toxic toward her son. And, it didn’t appear as if they meant it in a judgmental way. In fact, they were just concerned. Concerned Jackson would grow up. And, he would cut ties with her the same way. Would she be alright with her son following in the footsteps of his mama? Would she accept it? Or, would she fight to keep her son in her life?

“Maybe one day Jackson will feel the same about you and enjoy his holidays with his spouses family ? Never know how life will end up .. food for thought ?” The individual penned. You can see the original comment in the screenshot below.

Lindsie Chrisley Instagram
[Lindsie Chrisley Instagram]
Notably, the social media influencer didn’t seem to be too bothered by the question. In fact, she said she would be happy to discuss it during her next podcast.

Not everyone on Lindsie’s feed agreed with her. Some thought the comment was “rude.” The original poster chimed back in that the question was not rude. It was “pragmatic.” And, some seemed to support the comment. They noted life was too short. And, she should make up with her family.

“I agree! Life is to short to hold grudges. We all have issues and some bigger than others. My daughter and I have had our fights but I could never not have her in my life. I’m sorry but she reminds me of a spoil brat. Peace out !!!!” One individual chimed in.

Some followers are on the fence.

Others added Jackson would only leave his mother if she treated him the way Todd and Julie treated her. Some of Lindsie Chrisley’s followers were on the fence. They both agreed and disagreed with the concept.

“Kind of agree but disagree. I pray both sides Can forgive just has Christ has forgiven our sins I feel like its both ways.” The individual chimed in.

Do you think Lindsie Chrisley should worry about Jackson leaving her when he grows up? Sound off in the comments.

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