‘The Grand Tour’ Scotland ‘Wasn’t Necessarily Nice’: All Details Of Upcoming Episode

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Now that The Grand Tour fans have been waiting a long time for anything to air, what do we know about the Scotland episode? James May recently revealed a bit about the trials and tribulations that the trio went through to film this episode.

The Grand Tour Scotland ‘Wasn’t Necessarily Nice’

Although it has been nearly a year since The Grand Tour has released an episode on Amazon Prime, they have filmed two episodes. The most recent was in Scotland. Express caught up with James May to discuss their adventure, during the coronavirus pandemic.

May, who recently purchased a pub, had gone to Scotland with his costars, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and about 50 other crew members. Although he says that it was “nice” to get back to work and to see the crew, the situation itself was not terribly great. In fact, he characterized it as “I wouldn’t say it was necessarily nice.”

We can also assume that James May was not talking about Richard Hammond crashing his car. Again. He wasn’t. It was more related to the worldwide pandemic that has taken over everyone’s life.

May shared that being tested daily was the part that was not terribly nice. And they could not go to a pub, although they hung out in mainly remote areas. That made that temptation easier to avoid.

But, the general need to stay safe took over the shoot. Captain Slow explained, “There are complicated systems of cleaning things, testing things, keeping members of the crew in one crew car, not letting them mix up, only letting one person come into my car to check the cameras and putting some of the kits in the booth.” They had to really think about what they were doing at all times.

Where Did The Grand Tour Visit Scotland?

It sounds like the former Top Gear hosts went across the country for The Grand Tour episode. They started out on Scotland’s east coast. They all drove American cars. May in a red Cadillac, Hammond in a green Buick, and Clarkson in a blue Lincoln.

Somewhere along the way, they pick up caravans, camper trailers to Americans. Then they wind up on the far western part of Scotland, in the Hebrides. Sounds like quite an adventure!

But, when will we see the new episode? What about the long-awaited, long-promised “Madagascar” episode?

Grand Tour, IMDb Page for Madagascar- https://www.imdb.com/title/tt12769332/?ref_=nm_flmg_slf_2
Grand Tour, IMDb Page for Madagascar

What Does IMDb Now Say About ‘Madagascar’ Episode?

Checking out Amazon’s movie and television database, IMDb has been a roller coaster ride for The Grand Tour fans since August. Twice, it has given premiere dates. The first was on September 4, 2020. Next, December 4, 2002. Both have been incorrect.

Right now, “Seamen” is the last episode on the database. Many fans may remember that first aired on Friday, December 13, 2019. But, if you do a little checking out, such as clicking onto James May’s extensive filmography, you can find a listing for “Untitled Grand Tour Special.” Click on that link and you nothing new.

The description may sound familiar to many fans of the Amazon Prime show. It says, “Special starts in French island La Réunion and then ends largely in Madagascar.” There is no air date, no season or anything else of real value.

It appears that in 2020, The Grand Tour fans are going to have to continue dreaming of another episode.

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