‘The Bachelor’ 2021: When Will Matt James Season Wrap Up Filming And Premiere?

'Bachelor' Matt James

Matt James is well into filming his season of The Bachelor. In fact, he’s within two weeks of having a final rose ceremony. So, when will fans get to see Matt take this journey on their television screens?

When will Matt’s season premiere?

Reality Steve went to his blog to share the big news. He said ABC was officially announcing the return of The Bachelor on January 4. This will be the first Monday in January 2021. Fans will only have to wait a few weeks to keep their Bachelor fix going. Tayshia Adams season of The Bachelorette should reportedly conclude December 22.

Matt has been filming his season at the Nemacolin Resort in Pennsylvania. According to things Chris Harrison has said, it is going well for Matt. In fact, fans even noted they were positive Tyler Cameron was there to possibly give advice to his bestie. They came to this conclusion based on a curtain in the room behind him on Instagram.

Other happenings at Nemacolin

Steve couldn’t figure out exactly how they were going to handle having a Men Tell All special for Tayshia and Clare’s season. But, he announced yesterday it was going down at Nemacolin. He said it made more sense since Chris Harrison and production crew were already there on set.

Steve tweeted yesterday saying, “The “Men Tell All” for Tayshia’s season was filmed yesterday at Nemacolin, where Matt’s season is being filmed. Made the most sense since Chris, Tayshia, and crew already there. Guys flew out last week as I reported and quarantined for 6 days before filming yesterday.”

It’s interesting to note that obviously Clare was not in attendance as she was in South Dakota with Dale Moss. Perhaps, she video called in to speak to the men she dumped. And, Peter G. from Tayshia’s season has been ill and diagnosed with Covid-19, so he wouldn’t have been there either.

Also, side note, this isn’t the first time production has scheduled filming at Nemacolin. It was also used for one the trips JoJo Fletcher took for her season of The Bachelorette. 

Reality Steve has revealed the first impression rose winner to fans, however that has been about it. He vows to gather more info and release it when he has definite confirmation. He said tonight on Instagram Live that he knows who 3 of the final 4 women are.

Stay tuned for more details and spoilers as they become available. And, don’t miss Tayshia’s journey continue on Tuesday nights on ABC.

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