Lifetime’s ‘Young, Stalked And Pregnant’: Another In ‘Hateful & Grateful’ LMN Series

Lifetime, Young, Stalked and Pregnant-photo used with permission from LMN
Lifetime Movie Network’s Hateful & Grateful series continues with Young, Stalked and Pregnant. Starring Lindsay Korman-Hartley (General Hospital, Mommy Is A Murderer), Taylor Blackwell (My Daughter’s Psycho Friend), Tanya Clarke (Birthmother’s Betrayal), and Cody Sulek (Party Mom), this is a classic thriller that only LMN can make!

What Is Lifetime’s Young, Stalked and Pregnant about?

According to the Lifetime Movie preview, High school senior Audrey (Blackwell), is on top of the world. She has a terrific boyfriend, Sam (Sulek). Now, she has been accepted to her dream university. She is at the top of her game.

But, things take a dramatic turn, when Audrey realizes that she has not had her period in a long time. She manages to get ahold of a pregnancy test. The result sends all of her dreams crashing down. Now, Sam insists on marriage and raising their little family together. Audrey decides to move on with her life, without him, things get dangerous.

Meanwhile, Sam and his mother Casey (Clarke) are not letting Audrey go. Casey knows that Audrey’s family own half the town. She sees this baby as her meal ticket. Can Audrey’s mom Jennifer (Hartley) help her daughter escape the dastardly duo?
You will need to watch LMN on Saturday November 14 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern, to find out!

Lifetime Movie Networks: The Hateful & Grateful Series

Coming up are two more Lifetime movies in the Hateful & Grateful thriller series. Coming up on Saturday, November 21 is Pretty Cheaters, Deadly Lies.

This LMN stars Kate Drummond (Wynonna Earp), Sydney Meyer (Shadowhunters), Keara Graves (The Cheerleader Escort) and Sebastien Roberts (Northern Rescue).

Hanna (Graves) has been caught in a compromising position. Her cousin Madison (Myer) is now blackmailing her. Hanna, the better student, now is forced to take Madison’s college entrance exam.

Subsequently, it turns out, Madison’s blackmail plans are even more devious.

More Hateful & Grateful

The last in the Hateful & Grateful series is Finding My Daughter. This will air on November 28. Starring Cristina Rosato (No Good Deed), Megan Best (I am Somebody’s Child: The Regina Louise Story), Jesse Hutch (Project Blue Book), Kyle Cassie (Deadpool), and Al Sapienza (Suits).

Back when Ashley (Rosato) was 16, she had a baby. Unfortunately, she was not ready to be a mom. Subsequently, she gave up her newborn daughter for adoption. Nonetheless, Ashley always wondered about her baby’s life.

Fast forward 18 years, and Ashley gets a letter. It is from Brittany (Best). She wants to meet her birth mother. Ashley is absolutely thrilled, although a bit nervous. Brittany will likely ask a lot of questions.

Nonetheless, Ashley heads to her small hometown, but Brittany is gone. Where is she? After that, only local bookstore owner, Scott (Cassie), and Jake (Hutch), the town’s sheriff are willing to help her out.

Ashley has a lot of history with Jake. He was her high school boyfriend. As they work together to find Brittany, sparks fly. But, that doesn’t last too long, as Jake finds out a very old and very damaging secret.

This is not all that happens. Ashley has put her trust in the wrong person. Will she ever reunite with her daughter? Can she find love with Jake?

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