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‘Welcome To Plathville’ Fans Slam Kim & Barry Plath For Bad Parenting

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Welcome to Plathville fans watched the premiere of Season 2 on November 10. And, fans see the dysfunctional family with even more strife than before. The divisions between Oliva, Ethan, Kim and Barry seem worse. And now, Micah and Moriah also left home. Meanwhile, Lydia grows up. But, she’s obsessed with reuniting the family somehow. And, most fans slam Kim and Barry Plath for bad parenting.

Welcome to Plathville premiere, fans slam Kim and Barry Path

In the last season of the TLC show, Kim blamed Olivia for bringing discord into her very restrictive home. Recall, she arranged for Micah’s first modeling tryout. And, she and Ethan treated the kids to some sugary food. Then, Moriah went off with Olivia to California. And you’d swear she took her straight to hell. In the new season, Moriah and Micah moved out, as Ethan did when he married Olivia.

In Welcome to Plathville this week, Kim bleated on about the adult kids planting “seeds of rebellion and bitterness in younger children.” Fans think she’s so wrong. After all, Kim attended college, drank alcohol, and enjoyed her life. But, she stops the kids from interacting like normal human beings. And, when the kids start kicking at the traces, she labels them as evil. But, she hopes Lydia remains in the fold. However, fans think Lydia’s a sad story as well.

Lydia spends a lot of time in her prayer closet

Inside Lydia’s prayer closet, many writings line the wall. And she breaks her heart over the division in the family. But Kim just seems ecstatic that she won’t “go crazy,” like her other adult children. Fans on Twitter have a lot to say about Kim Plath again this season. One person commented, “So, this evil matriarch takes ZERO responsibility for crippling her children…and Lydia must be saved while she still can from the insanity of her family.”

Another shocked Welcome to Plathville fan noted, “Things I never thought I would hear: “I’ve always wanted a prayer closet.” And this fan suggested something else: “That poor girl and her Harry Potter prayer room. When social services finds that room they’re gonna have a lot of questions once they go through all the scrawling on the wall.”

Supervised visitations only

Meaww noted that like Olivia and Ethan last season, Micah and Moriah can’t spend time with their siblings unsupervised. Fans slammed the Plath parents for that all over again. One fan wrote, “regretful of their own past actions these parents are raising children without outside influence for their protection and as soon as they are teens throw them out for acting defiant. You are the worst hypocrites I have ever seen! You set them all up to fail!”

Other Welcome to Plathville viewers just think that everything dysfunctional about this family is all Kim Plath’s fault. And, they think she should stop blaming everyone else. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Welcome to Plathville airs Tuesdays on TLC.

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  1. These parents are delusional. The only job a parent has is to prepare there children for the outside world. THEY FAILED MISERABLY. Not allowing all there children to see each other unless they comply is the absolute worst. These parents are hypocrites. The Dads smile is so creepy. The girl in the closet needs help.

  2. These are the WORST parents EVER …. Why does Barry always have that stupid smile on his face …. They’ve ruined their kids !!!!

  3. It’s absolutely absurd that while preaching about inclusion, you sit in judgement of people because you do not understand why they chose to raise their children the way they have. Calling the two the worst parents ever although from where many of us sit all the children are doing pretty damn good. So they can’t be the worst parents ever. Having said that stop acting you’re all so enlightened, accepting and judgement free. When in reality more of the same hypocrites that unfairly judge others that are different or you do not agree with. Lydia spends too much time in her prayer closet, why is that because you don’t believe? Yet if she was practicing any other religion than Christianity you wouldn’t say a single negative word. Way to be yet another follower, another undereducated, over opinionated sheep. So much for unbiased reporting.

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