‘DWTS’: Gleb Savchenko Fires Back At His Ex-Wife’s Allegations

Gleb Savchenko from Instagram

This is one story that keeps escalating. Yesterday, we reported Dancing With The Stars pro Gleb Savchenko and his wife, Elena Samodanova, were splitting up. The couple married 14 years ago and seemed relatively happy. However, trouble lurked just out of sight. After Gleb publically announced their breakup on Instagram, Elena spoke to the press.

Gleb Savchenko’s Ex Accuses Him Of Infidelity

“After 14 years of marriage, and multiple affairs, I’ve decided enough is enough,” Samodanova told PEOPLE. “Gleb and I have created a family and multiple businesses together. But apparently, it just wasn’t enough to keep our marriage strong. Gleb’s ongoing infidelity and a recent inappropriate relationship has created turmoil in our marriage and absolutely torn our family apart.”

“No wife should ever stand by and watch while another woman gifts her husband expensive presents, lures him out to dinners and seduces him at every turn,” Elena continued. “Last night was the final straw, and I can no longer turn my head the other way. My trust in Gleb is irrevocably broken and it is time that I walk away and begin to heal so I can be the best version of myself for my girls.”

Elena even tweeted the article after it went live.

But Who Could The Other Woman Be?

The vast majority of fans believe Gleb and his DWTS partner this season, Chrishell Stause, were having an affair. Interestingly enough, those rumors existed well before Gleb and Elena announced their divorce. Let’s not forget about the time he brought her flowers. 

But now, Gleb is telling his side of the story. He wants to make it clear that he and Chrishell Stause were never romantically involved.

“While I will continue to respect the privacy of my family, I will not stand by and allow false accusations and internet rumors go unaddressed,” the dancer told Us Weekly. “My relationship with Chrishell was and remains strictly platonic. Our friendship during our season on DWTS was not the reason for our split. Elena and I have had longstanding issues in our marriage. This has been an ongoing situation between Elena and I paired with poor timing. It was my deepest hope to keep our private life just that: private. I am saddened and disappointed to see that Elena has chosen not to do the same.”

Chrishell Weighs In On The Situation

Chrishell also took to social media to proclaim her innocence. She posted an Instagram story saying how sorry she was to hear about the breakup.

“I am so saddened about the news of Gleb and Elena’s split,” she begins. “It is unfortunate that this has caused rumors to swirl about my personal life. Having gone through a public split myself, I would not wish this on anyone. As you can imagine, the countless hours of training, and dance rehearsals has created a strong supportive friendship, but nothing more. I wish nothing but the best for both Gleb and Elena during this unfortunate time.”

No matter who you believe, this story is wild and keeps developing. Stay tuned. We’ll update you as soon as we know any more.

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