‘LPBW’: Amy Roloff Turns Her Mind From Elections To Thanksgiving

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LPBW fans and in fact, almost everyone on the planet, watches the delayed election results play out. And, it just seems neverending, increasing everyone’s stress levels. So, Amy Roloff from Little People, Big World turns her mind to thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas.

LPBW star Amy Roloff posts about election results delay

Taking to her Instagram on Friday, Amy Roloff mentioned that the election’s not over yet. But, she still thinks fairly positively about life. In fact, with Thanksgiving coming up, she reminds people about that. She noted, “Hopefully we all survived the elections, but it’s not over yet.” And then, she told them she thinks about Christmas and Thanksgiving instead.

One thing she might feel a bit grateful about is that despite a lot of criticism, her masks sold out. We reported that many LPBW fans slammed her for profiting off the coronavirus with her mask line. And, she might feel grateful that she finally moved out of the farmhouse and into her own place. Next, she talked about feeling “glad that Thanksgiving comes along as…there’s so much to be thankful for and it leads right into Christmas.”

Christmas comes along with happy thoughts

Amy Roloff sounds delighted that “Christmas songs” already play on the radio. She wrote, “Woohoo! 🎉🎉I’m ready for Christmas and all that it brings.” And, the TLC star talked about “hope, love and the gift of a Savior.” Like so many people, she now looks forward to “all the sounds and smells of this season like Christmas trees.” Other images from yesteryear flood into her mind like “evergreen, singing, baking, peppermint, the excitement of the season.”

Perhaps the LPBW mom talks about her own changed circumstances as well as the coronavirus when she thinks about Christmas. As she noted, “it’ll be a little different this year but it’s Christmas. And Christmas is in my heart.” Actually, think about that for a moment. At Christmas last year the COVID-19 virus seemed far away and out of mind. In fact, the first recorded case outside of China only came along in Taiwan in January 2020.

LPBW Amy on elections and Thanksgiving

‘Don’t be afraid to sing’

Amy urged her LPBW followers, “don’t be afraid to sing.” And, she added, “I’m glad I’m hearing Christmas songs now. I think I needed this.” Well, with all the stress of elections and the anxiety related to COVID-19, many fans also turn their thoughts to the holiday season.

One fan wrote, “I know, I’m looking forward to Christmas too❤️❤️🤗.” And, another one mentioned, “ready for the holiday season too Amy! I think we could all use the comfort and the nostalgia that the holidays bring.”

Are you thinking about the upcoming holidays to keep your mind off the election results? Let us know how you’re doing in the comments down below.

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