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Isabel Roloff Gets Candid About Protecting Her Soft Heart From The Hard World

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Isabel Sofia Rock Roloff was born on February 19, 1996. Making her 24-years-old. The gorgeous red head reminded her 99,400 Instagram followers just how young she was today. How? Well, she reminisced on her past. A decade ago to be exact. When she was barely a teenager. And, what did she have to say? Keep reading to find out.

Isabel Roloff gets candid about the last decade of her life.

“There is so much I would tell sweet, young Izzy.” Isabel Roloff penned in her Instagram post after noting how much has changed over the last decade. Her post included her current profile picture. And, a profile picture she used a decade again. The pose of her current profile picture was so similar to the one from a decade ago… That a lot of memories kept flooding back. And, she got to thinking. Thinking about what she would say to a younger version of herself… If she could travel back in time.

“That photo was taken right before her entire world got rocked by so much loss, change, self destruction, unlearning, darkness, and self discovery. I see the same light in my eyes that I have fought so hard to maintain.” Isabel added as she provided a little background information on the photo.

There’s one piece of advice she has for her younger self.

Isabel Roloff admits there was a time where she had a “long list” of all the things she would love to say to her younger self. If she ever had the opportunity to go back in time and do so. But, she has realized there is one very important piece of information she’d like to give to her younger self.

There will be things in life that will attempt to harden your heart, but you must find the courage it takes to remain soft.”

As those who follow Isabel Roloff know, she got candid not too long ago about being bullied. Isabel as a little more meat on her bones than what might be considered average. And, there were a fair amount of LPBW fans that bullied her over it.


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Even more recently, however, Isabel Roloff shared some truly gorgeous photos of herself. And, in the caption of them, she gushed about how much she loved the photos. And, how truly happy she was in them. Her followers were here for this beautiful glow. Moreover, there was no denying Isabel just oozed joy in the photos. It was just a week ago that she posted these photos. She explained her decision to post them was merely because she felt her happiness deserved to be celebrated.

Her Instagram followers were here for her candid post reflecting on the last decade of her life. In fact, most admitted she has looked beautiful every step of the way. The real question is simple… We know what Isabel Roloff would say to herself if she could go back in time. But, what would you say to yourself if you had the same opportunity? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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