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‘VPR’ Star Jax Taylor Shares His Version Of Election Updates

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VPR star Jax Taylor often slams people. He slams them about who they marry, slams random strangers about hockey, and more. In fact, last season he came off as grumpy most of the time. But occasionally, he comes up with something ironic but wryly funny. Now, he gave his version of the election updates.

VPR – Election update from Jax Taylor

Everyone knows that Americans are not in a good mood now. Many possibly feel grumpy just like the Vanderpump Rules star. And, a wry smile, or a belly-laugh, depending on your personality might feel a bit elusive now. After all, Biden looked like a winner, and Trump contests things left, right and center. So who knows when the results will become verified?

Trump voters complain that Biden supporters stole the election. And, Biden voters feel the Republicans try and steal theirs. Across the world, people try and follow the predictions and polls and the complicated counting system. TV presenters talk around in circles endlessly with no actual answers. So, there’s not a lot to smile about. But, the VPR star might lighten your day a little with his wryly ironic election update.

Jax Taylor’s election update

Like many other people, perhaps the stress of the nailbiting outcome just gets to Jax. So, on his Instagram Stories, he shared a few slides. In one, he revealed a movie on the television. The Bravo star captioned it with, “As much as I love watching graphs, percentages, charts, and people talking in absolute circles on repeat for 48 hrs, I had to sneak in a @hallmarkmovie.”


But the other slide he posted up, looked humorous. The VPR star shared a map of the states, all scribbled over with different colors. He captioned it with, “Here’s what we know so far.” Actually, his wry humor seems rather close to the truth of the election outcome. What a mess! But, if you don’t get the funny side of it, that’s also okay. Not everyone gets ironic humor. But, at least there’s a message reinforcing the frustration so many people feel right now.

VPR Jax Taylor election update map

Jax and Brittany stay fairly quiet about elections

Apart from his version of the elections update, Jax and Brittany seemed rather quiet about election day. On her Instagram page, Brittany focuses on her baby and morning sickness. And, fans commiserate with her as she picks up a lot of trolls about her baby bump. Meanwhile, Jax shared a photo of them both dressed up for Halloween. So, their posts reem relatively free of people asking them who they voted for.

Whoever people voted for, they all feel one thing in common right now. Like Jax from VPR, they want election answers, and they want them now.


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