‘Bachelor’: Ben Higgins’ Fiance Jessica Clarke Delighted With Anne Barge Wedding Gowns

Bachelor Ben Higgins Fiance Jessica Clark

Bachelor alum Ben Higgins and his fiance Jessica Clarke delayed their wedding. First came complications with the coronavirus. And then, Jessica hoped her brother could attend their wedding. But, he’s busy with sport in the summer. So, they pushed it to November next year. In the meantime, plans go on. And, Jessica’s reportedly delighted with the Anne Barge wedding gowns.

Bachelor fiance Jessica Clarke fits her Anne Barge gown

We reported that Ben felt a bit sad about delaying the wedding until late 2021. And notably, it means they remain engaged for over a year before their big day. Nevertheless, it gives them time to enjoy this period in their lives. And, they hold thumbs that some sort of cure comes along so that COVID-19 impacts less than this year. Naturally, they hope their families attended.

Stretching it out even more means they remain non-intimate for much longer. And, they live separately. So, that makes for a bit of a dull, time between the sheets for now. But, Jessica Clarke still goes ahead with her wedding plans. And in a way, it might feel like fun for The Bachelor couple without a huge rush. So, she went along for her wedding gown fitting. People talked about her joy and delight with the Anne Barge gowns.

Jessica went to Atlanta with her mom

The outlet noted that “Shawne Jacobs, President and Creative Director of Anne Barge” talked about the gown fittings. He said, “Jessica traveled to our atelier with her mother and mother-in-law (to be) for her first ever wedding dress fitting. She tried on everything from a minimalistic crepe gown to all-over lace [style] and even a few princess ballgowns.”

The Bachelor wife-to-be used the opportunity to try on several gowns and you can see them on People‘s website. She explained that wearing them helped her see what might come out in the end with various alterations. And, she described the feel of looking at herself as “never [feeling] more beautiful.” With her photos exclusive to  People, you won’t see them on Jessica’s Instagram. But, plenty of people agree she looks beautiful even without a wedding gown. On October 26, one Bachelor fan commented, “She is absolutely beautiful!!! Ben you are one lucky guy!!!”

Bachelor Ben Higgins and Jessica Clarke

Ben Higgins and the election

Of course, right now, both Jessica and Ben probably put aside thoughts of their wedding for a while. The entire country seems totally focused on the elections in 2020. Ben shared that he voted and proudly posted up a photo of himself wearing a sticker on his face. Some Bachelor fans felt a bit jilted as their states don’t give out stickers. And, on almost every post that Ben puts up. ABC fans also asked about a firm wedding date.

For now, they can’t put an exact date on their wedding. But no doubt, in time, they make the announcement.

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