Too Far? Disgusted Fans Accuse Adam Busby Of Abusive Behavior

Danielle Adam Busby Instagram

The OutDaughtered household has completely embraced the spooky season, but some fans think Adam Busby is taking things too far. In fact, some fans are arguing his behavior could be described as abusive. Some even described his girls as looking “petrified” in the last photo Danielle Busby shared on Instagram.

Why are fans accusing Adam Busby of abusive behavior?

Based on Adam and Danielle’s recent Instagram activity, fans know the OutDaughtered dad is getting a real kick out of the Halloween season. Now, fans agree there is no harm in celebrating the month of October with his family. But, some think he is taking things way too far.

Adam even argued in the comments of Danielle’s post that: “I gotta have some fun this time of year…” His argument included a devil emoji, a ghost emoji, and a shrug emoji. The comment was liked over 200 times. So, at least some of their followers agreed that it was all in good fun.

The responses to his defense of his “abusive behavior” and the other comments on Danielle’s Instagram post, however, tell a different story. Fans seem unhappy with Adam. In fact, they want him to stop. Stop scaring the girls.

Fans beg the OutDaughtered dad to quit picking on the girls.

In response to his defense of his actions, many fans told him he should consider picking on someone his own size. Others noted they didn’t understand why he enjoyed making his babies cry. A few even urged him to prank and scare Uncle Dale instead.

In other comments on the post, one individual described the girls as looking “petrified.” Many didn’t understand the thrill out of constantly terrifying the girls during the month of October.

Adam Busby Instagram
[Adam Busby Instagram]
Likewise, fans were sick of Adam Busby bringing up the Easter Bunny. They didn’t think him continuing to introduce the Easter Bunny knowing how terrified his girls were was something a good father would do.

  • “Adam stop scaring the girls……”
  • “My guess Adam scared the crap out of them… again.”
  • “So im guessing parkers not a daddy’s girl anymore…Ouch I wouldn’t blame her.”

Not everyone rushed to attack Adam Busby

Now, as we mentioned previously, over 200 people liked Adam Busby’s comment. So, not everyone rushed to attack him for spooking the girls. In fact, some admitted one of the joys of having a child that small was getting to scare them. It would only be a few more years before they wouldn’t be scared at all.

Do you think Adam Busby is taking the Halloween spookfest around his home too far? Or, do you think people are just being critical? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I agree scaring babies & little kids is abusive & not funny. Adam Busboy has always been immature. Will Adam ever grow up. Oh he is grown! He may need a Psychiatric referral because he exhibits many bad behaviors towards Riley & so does Danielle! Ever since Riley was born She pushes, SHOVES Riley out of her way to hold her precious Hazel & Ava even Parker & Lulu! They are both abusive constantly, constantly saying, “and Hazel is my sweet one! Hazel is the nicest!! Ava is cute & sweetest!! Then they shove Riley out of their way! Especially abusive when Uncle Dufus & Adam & Danielle tricked Riley to admit she wanted to go on rope swing at Jump Jump Center. Adam & Uncle Dufus stuck little Riley on rope swing and he pushed Riley to swing out & fall on foam blocks Where she SCREAMED when she landed!!! You don’t ask a little kid, You want to do the swing? Of course she agreed, she doesn’t know what is going on?? That’s what grown ups are for!! Adam & Uncle Doofus would never put Hazel on that!! Not even with them holding her!! Uncle Doofus doesn’t even let Hazel walk he carries her everywhere! That’s why she acts silly & cutesy she’s Spoiled!! But who are they kidding!! Hazel gave that mean horrible nasty stare to Danielle on camera when she was little with her barely any red hair ugly look! Danielle even asked her Hazel what are you doing?? Even she was scared of Hazel Stare down!!Her eyes crossed. Her Popeyes squint! How could they not see she had eye issues!! Then the pity party for Hazel & it’s still go in NG on!!! Made Riley sleep alone!! Pushed Parker onto Being hazels protector!!! The would never pick Riley up when she needed attention/!! Yet never put Hazel, Ava or Parker down! When Hazel was too dumb to care for her glasses & hands them to Riley who accepted them! Next Adam tells Riley Don’t you take Hazels glasses!! Tells Hazel Hazel your too nice gotta be more more mean!! When Danielle is passing out cookies the 5 were little couldn’t talk. Danielle would keep passing up Riley, even Blake would say mom Riley said please,Danielle would lie say She She just had one! LIARS! Hazel had 100! Hazel is caught on camera doing mean things & Hazel has a screeching horrible scream!! Danielle & Adam don’t tell her anything!! Danielle puts Hazel on hichair first & feeds her before other 4 aren’t even in hichair yet! That’s why Hazel screams & whines for everything she’s spoiled! Every time Riley would get near hazels toy to play with it HAZEL grunts uhh & looks at Danielle or Adam who tell Riley Back off that’s Hazels!! They aren’t helping any of them that’s why the other 4 girls Bop her in her face & take her things because of how parents spoil her! THATS ABUSIVE!! When older now Ava and LuLu give very nasty looks at Hazel because they’ve created that in the 4 girls! At the dads TV presentation in Dallas adams parents there! Adams mom gave Parker a bag of Doritos to share. RIGHT?! Hazel was picking up a chip from floor had her hand on floor Meany Ava STEPPED ON HAZELS hand HARD smashing it & Hazel screamed to high Heaven! Ava didn’t het in trouble for it! Parker refuses to share Doritos & Adam & Danielle don’t say anything! Once around dining table trying to bake a cake Hazel sticks her filthy hand in cake batter to mix!! Danielle was pissed but tried hard not to show it! She just calmly said Hazel you can’t put dirty hands in cake mix!! Danielle had to tell her twice because Hazel kept doing it!! Gross!!! Hazel just giggled like she was 2 & thought she was being cutesy! Later Hazel kept starving for attention & sticks her face right over bowl ALMOST STICKING HER FACE IN IT!! Hazel still trying to act cutesy! But girls & Danielle weren’t amused!! So when Hazel practically stocked head in batter bowl! Ava hollers at her saying DONT YOU STICK YOU GLASSES IN IT EITHER!! So Hazel got away! Many times the twins & Ri Ri you can see are crusted with Hazel because she can do what she wants!!! They see it’s not fair!!! Adam & Danielle & I’mncle dug is spoil Azle!! The parents PUSH PARKER into hazels bodyguard! They share rooms!! Why don’t they stick Hazel alone? Or Parker because both spoiled & needy so they won’t!! That’s abusive to all 5 girls!!! Partiality to hazel because she’s a 4 eye with Popeyes squint! Hazel is homely looking looks Mormon or Amish! Poor girl. They don’t dress any of those 5 girls cute! But at least the 4 except Hazel are beautiful!! Hazel isn’t so should dressing her cute at least cut that red hair into a little Bob because her face too long to wear hair like that! She looks like Lion on wizard of I on z or the elephant red headed boy with Cher as mon! Cut her hair! Put cuter clothes on her to help poor girls Amish look better! Adam just cares about hogging camera & watching himself on camera all the time! He’s always talking on camera & he has Gay look & behaviors! He’s Gay ir bi & that’s fine but show is about Quints! Not about bi/gay dad!! lately Danielle is a camera hog! We want to see Riley & Other Quints, on what was once a great great TLC masterpiece of a a show on quints raised in Texas beach cities! GREAT JOB TLC on a perfect show! Oh have to say when talking about ABUSE did you see once show when Lulu BACK kicked Parker across face! Mimi shows up at door @ Danielle forgets about it!! How is that a sweet nice little girl? There’s several episodes when 1 year or so Hazel takes Riley toys & she starts crying too little to talk & all Adam says is Did Hazel take that from you Ri Ri & doesn’t even pick frustrated Riley up or make Hazel behave & give toy back!!! Lulu hit Riley across face with a hard toy & all Adam says is Ooooohhh Lulu we don’t hit! He picks up Lulu & holds her & not Riley who got got! You ask about ABUSE!! CAMERA HOGGER ADAM & wife are abusive to Riley!!! I love Riley! She’s the sweetest!! Want to see Quints growing not so much Hazel because she’s spoiled, coddled & mean!! Want to see Riley!! Get off camera fAdam your not handsome especially exhibiting the gay features that aren’t flattering fir a married man with wife!!! It looks great on a handsome gay man not on you Adam!! Danielle quit giving poor Sri Ri your bitchy looks a feelings! Show that little girl Riley love she deserves!
    Treat her fair!! Adam & uncle Sufi’s quit scaring girls y’all are 2 grown men ACT LIKE IT!! yes they are always on vacation yall don’t have it so bad!! You don’t work any harder than any one else!! Your lucky your jobs come from having girl Quinta!! If you didn’t have the you would not have those jobs & income!!!

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