From Fiance To Husband? Fans Think Clare Crawley Secretly Married Dale

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On the October 27 episode of The Bachelorette, Clare Crawley may have made a slip of the tongue. While ranting to her producer about the roast, the hairstylist called suitor Dale Moss her “fiance.”

But the show is only three episodes into Season 16 of the dating competition. Did Clare Crawley accidentally reveal her relationship status with Dale just weeks into filming? 

Clare Crawley Refers to Dale Moss as Her ‘Fiance’ in Latest Episode

During the most recent episode, the men took part in the first-ever Bachelorette Roast. Hosted by iconic comedian Margaret Cho, the men took aim at one specific person: Dale Moss. While Clare laughed along at the first few disses, she quickly became uncomfortable with the contestants zeroing in on the former Party City model.

On the later group date, Dale was still on her mind. She went around to each of her dates, asking why they were so hard on Dale. Daily Mail reports that Clare decided to give the date rose to herself instead of any of the men. While walking back to her room, she said to her producer, “’I really don’t think I can sit there and go, ‘’You dished on my fiancé so hard.’’ Like, I can’t be doing that s***, you know? It doesn’t feel right.”

Many fans took to social media to react to Clare’s off-hand comment. 

Fans React to Clare’s Blunder

Fiance!? When did that happen? Fans weren’t sure they heard Clare Crawley correctly and took to Twitter to verify their hearing. Some of the tweets about Clare’s slip of the tongue include:

Credit: Twitter screenshots
Credit: Twitter screenshots

In general, fans are not here for Clare’s obsessive behavior over Dale. From sniffing the crotch of his pants to calling him her “fiance” after knowing him for two weeks. One fan summed it up with a meme:

Did Clare Crawley and Dale Moss Secretly Get Married? 

While fans are still reacting to the “fiance” slip, their minds might be blown by a recent rumor. The hosts of the Rose Buds podcast received shocking news for a source. The anonymous source told the hosts that Clare Crawley and Dale Moss are already married! 

Instagram fan page @bachelornation.scoop shared audio clips from the podcast. They also conducted a poll asking followers if they think the rumors are true. The majority of followers doubt the validity of the rumor, but who knows at this point!

Credit: @bachelornation.scoop
Credit: @bachelornation.scoop

In the next episode, fans will find out what Chris Harrison means when he tells Clare Crawley that she “just blew up The Bachelorette.” 

What do you think about the marriage rumors? Let us know down in the comments if you think Dale and Clare are already married. Then head over to our Facebook page to connect with other Bachelor Nation fans.

The Bachelorette will air on Thursday, November 5, due to election coverage, but will return to Tuesdays the following week. Adjust your DVR accordingly! 

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