Jenelle Evans Calls On Her Fans To Help Save Someone’s Farm

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans gets a lot of haters. But possibly, people find little to hate on after she shared about someone who needs help in saving their farm. She shared some footage from TikTok on her own Instagram Stories, and helped promote awareness for Nicole Head.

Jenelle Evans owns farmland, feels some empathy

Fans of Teen Mom know that Jenelle calls her little farm “The Land.” From her TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, the former MTV star seems very attached to the farm. And, it looks like kids enjoy the lifestyle as well. Actually, even Maryssa Eason looks happy there these days. While Jenelle doesn’t come from a long line of farmers, she understands just how much people can become attached to their homes.

On October 27, the Teen Mom alum took to her Instagram Stories and shared a short clip where someone named Nicole Head shouted her out and tagged her. Jenelle Evans felt happy that Nicole tagged her, and it seems she immediately stepped up and help out. Sharing the clip to her 2.9 million followers, she also called for TikTok people to “do their thing.” Nicole comes from a family of farmers and they stand to lose the property they owned for 125 years.

Donations for Nicole’s family farm

When Jenelle shared a screenshot of the GoFundMe by Nicole, it revealed over $36k went in. By 4 AM CST, it reached an amount of $91.45k of a $200k target. “Every share, every penny, every thought counts” for Nicole. On her GoFundMe, Nicole explained that “personal issues” (possibly a divorce) means that her dad is “forced to put our farmland up for auction.”

Jenelle Evans shared a link in her Instagram profile to the fundraiser. There, Nicole said, “I am the daughter of Timothy Head & the granddaughter of DeWitt & Diane Head, of Headline farm.” Then she talked about the 125 years her family owned and operated it. Nicole also talked about the heartbreak of watching her family’s hard work being “taken away from them.”

Jenelle Evans save the farm
Jenelle Evans | Instagram Stories

More than ‘just a farm’

Nicole, who said that the farm surrounds them everywhere [they] look,” added that it means more than just land. It’s their “home.” If they raise the money they need, Nicole promises it helps them buy the farm back. And, she also appreciated “prayers and thoughts.” So far, 3.4k donors contributed and shared her fundraiser nearly 3,000 times. A few fans talked about another campaign hoping she fails.

Jenelle Evans mentioned in her promo shoutout that certain people hope she fails as the family’s Republican. This sadly illustrates just how Americans judge others by their politics rather than as people. One commenter noted, “No one should be subject to the petty hate that is coming from the other campaign…I hope you win your farm back.” And others who donated wished they could “afford more.”

With all the donors, prayers, and well-wishes, maybe Jenelle Evans just helped a family keep their farm for the next generation.

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