‘Below Deck Med:’ Malia & Tom Revealed Relationship Issues Before Split

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The second part of the Below Deck Med reunion addressed Malia and Tom’s relationship. They were together at the time of the filming. Back in September, Malia confirmed that she and her boyfriend decided to split. But it seemed like she was pulling the strings.

Some fans were shocked, while others weren’t surprised at all. However, it was clear during Part 2 of the Below Deck Mediterranean reunion on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen that the couple had issues in their relationship. Their current situation seemed up in the air. Viewers had more questions than answers about the couple.

Below Deck Med couple wasn’t that close

Malia White and Chef Tom Checketts didn’t seem that close, even if they were in the same room together. On Monday night’s episode of the Below Deck Med reunion, host Andy Cohen asked them about the status of their relationship. But Malia didn’t have a clear answer to give him.

“We don’t know,” the bosun responded.

Malia and Tom appeared at the reunion together. They just reunited in London for the first time in several months. Even Tom exclaimed that the distance has been hard on them. The two ended up working on separate yachts since leaving The Wellington.

“We’re trying to maintain the best relationship we can, to say that I haven’t seen Malia for five-and-a-half months,” Tom explained. “I’ve just done a really busy summer season, and Malia has as well. We haven’t seen each other since May. So, yeah, it’s crazy.”

To explain the current status of their relationship, Tom said they were “working it out.” He admitted that he’s dealt with “a lot of negative comments” on social media after this season of Below Deck Med due to his “association with Malia.” Even Malia admitted that “the backlash has been pretty intense,” but she’s only witnessed it on Instagram.

Malia and Tom didn’t even follow each other on social media

Andy Cohen said he noticed that Tom doesn’t follow Malia on Instagram. He asked the British chef why. At first, Tom looked like a deer in headlights. Then he exclaimed that “it’s been a s***storm online,” which led him to close his Instagram account. But his answer didn’t make sense to Andy or any of their crew members.

Even Captain Sandy Yawn appeared confused at one point. Tom explained that he sometimes takes a break from social media. He then revealed that his mother even received death threats because of who he’s dating. Malia and Tom didn’t seem certain about whether they were back together at the time.

“We don’t know,” Malia said when Andy asked. Tom restated that the couple was working on their relationship. During her previous appearance on WWHL, Malia confirmed that she’s single. While she wouldn’t share the details behind their split, fans speculated that Tom cheated on her.

Below Deck returns Monday, November 2 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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