‘OutDaughtered’: How Many Sisters Does Adam Busby Have?

Adam Busby Instagram

A lot of OutDaughtered fans wonder how many sisters (and siblings) Adam Busby has. Why? Well, it has a lot to do with knowing so much about Danielle Busby and her family. Both of her sisters are very involved in the TLC series. And, so is her mother. The same, however, is NOT true of Adam Busby’s family.

In fact, truth be told, OutDaughtered fans know next to nothing about Adam’s family. This, however, may have changed recently. Why? Well, it appears as if Danielle Busby may have unintentionally spilled some personal information about Adam Busby’s siblings. In doing so, she seemingly confirmed Adam Busby has a total of two sisters.

So, do we know for sure how many sisters Adam Busby has?

Despite being a reality TV star, Adam Busby has done a pretty impressive job of keeping his family out of the spotlight. And, out of media headlines. In fact, if you google questions about Adam Busby’s sisters, siblings, or parents… You don’t really find much of anything.

Unfortunately, the extreme secrecy on his part makes it a little difficult to answer this question with certainty. But, we can confirm Adam Busby has at least two sisters. We, however, cannot confirm if he has any additional siblings (or any brothers at all for that matter).

Now, thanks to Instagram activity by Danielle Busby… What OutDaughtered fans have been able to learn is the name of Adam Busby’s two sisters.

Danielle Busby spills the beans on the names of Adam’s sisters.

Danielle Busby confused OutDaughtered fans when she shared a post featuring herself and three other women. She labeled the post as “sisters.” And, she implied she had a fourth sister that was missing from the photo. Naturally, this confused fans. Why? Well, they know Danielle has two sisters. So, who were the other two women? Adam Busby’s sisters.

And, we’ve also been able to identify the names of Adam Busby’s sisters. Not featured in the photo but tagged in the caption is Clarissa Evers. Clarissa is also tagged in a Facebook post from five years ago on the It’s a Buzz World account.

Kayla Busby ONeal is also tagged in the same Facebook post. Fans also identify Kayla as the other woman in Danielle’s Instagram post. Eagle-eyed fans also confirmed Kayla has appeared in some of the YouTube content produced by Adam Busby.

Moreover, Danielle Busby shared a photo of herself with Kayla five years ago on Instagram. The photo featured Kayla and Danielle with baby bumps. Their due dates were three days apart. Danielle Busby was just carrying a lot more babies in her belly than Adam’s sister was.

Based on their social media profiles, it looks as if both of Adam’s sisters have multiple children. And, they are just as adorable as all the other children in this family!

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