Danielle Busby’s ‘Sisters’ Post Confuses Fans, Who Is The Mystery Girl?

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We know Danielle and Adam Busby recently took their girls to enjoy a trip to the Dewberry Farm. They were joined by several members of their extended family. They shared tons of photos on Instagram. The very large OutDaughtered family looked to have a wonderful time. Sunday afternoon Danielle Busby shared a photo from the trip. She labeled it “sisters.”

While it was a very sweet family photo. It seemed to really confuse OutDaughtered fans. How many sisters does Danielle Busby have again? Who the heck is the mystery girl in the photo? Fortunately, we’ve done a little digging. And, we have the answers you are looking for.

First things first, how many sisters does Danielle Busby have?

In addition to Danielle Busby, there are three other women in this sweet family photo. Likewise, the caption implies a fourth woman is missing from the photo. Wait, does Danielle Busby have four sisters? Technically, the answer to this question is both yes and no. What does that mean? Keep reading.

Technically, Danielle Busby has two sisters. Ashley Mowbray and Crystal Mills. Her sisters happen to be twins. Each of her sisters have two children. OutDaughtered fans might know them better as Aunt KiKi and Aunt LiLi.

Ok, so why did the post imply she has four of them?

Technically, Adam Busby’s siblings would also be Danielle’s siblings. So, this brings us to our next question. Does Adam Busby have any siblings? Unfortunately, Adam Busby has been extremely private in regards to his family. So, we really don’t know much about them.

It, however, is safe to assume that Adam Busby has two sisters. After all, that’s really the only way Danielle could have four sisters.

Now, OutDaughtered fans that follow the family more extensively were able to identify the mystery girl in the photo. Her name is Kayla. Fans know she’s been mentioned in YouTube videos. Kayla has also appeared and been identified on Instagram in the past.

We, however, now know a name of Adam Busby’s other sister. Clarissa Evers. Danielle Busby tagged Clarissa in the “sisters” Instagram post. She admitted Clarissa was missing. And, she hoped they would convince her to come to a family function in the near future.


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A quick scroll through Clarissa Evers’ Instagram confirms she must be a member of the Busby family. They all follow her. And, why else would Danielle refer to her and Kayla as her sisters?

So, do you feel a little less confused by Danielle Busby’s Instagram post about sisters? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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