Which ‘Supernatural’ Star Trashed ‘Dancing With The Stars?’

Supernatural Star About Dancing With The Stars from YouTube

You probably know Jim Beaver best for his role as Bobby Singer on Supernatural. These days, you can catch him as Secretary of Defense Robert Singer on The Boys. And no, that wasn’t a coincidence. Showrunner Eric Kripke thought it would be fun to name his new role after his character on Supernatural. But, no matter where you know him from, Jim Beaver has made quite a name for himself. And, he has beef with Dancing With The Stars.

He recently poked fun at the popular dance show on Twitter.

“The same commercial for Dancing with the Stars runs between every inning here in Toronto. They list the same 15 stars every commercial. I’ve only heard of one of them and can’t place even her. Remember when you had to be famous to be a star?” he tweeted.

“Apparently now the only qualification is to have a cell phone not on silent,” one fan quipped back.

Dancing With The Stars Finds Plenty Of Talent For Season 29

Other fans said that wasn’t a very fair opinion. After all, there are only so many A-list celebrities, and most of them are committed to bigger projects.

But even so, there are plenty of big names in Season 29. Grammy winner Nelly, Backstreet Boy AJ McLean, and Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir are just a few of the competitors this year. Carole Baskin may not be a “star” but she definitely made headlines this year. Most people are familiar with her even if they haven’t seen Tiger King.

Could it be that Jim Beaver is just a little salty he wasn’t asked to compete on Dancing With The Stars?

Even if the former Supernatural star isn’t impressed with the lineup, the show is still receiving high ratings. But he isn’t the only celebrity to trash the show these days.

Taryn Manning Faces Off With DWTS Staff

Taryn Manning from Orange Is The New Black recently herself in an awkward situation. She also trashed the show and said she’s been asked to appear multiple times, but kept turning them down. She said the show was for has-beens and she didn’t want to believe that was happening to her career. Dancing With The Stars‘s representatives weren’t having it.

“Taryn claims she’s been asked to join the cast ‘many times,’ however, we have never asked Taryn to be part of the show,” a member of the production team said. “Her representation attempted to pitch her to us a while back and we kindly passed. So her claim that she was asked to join DWTS once, never mind many times, is completely false. Her thoughts that the contestants consist of ‘has-beens’ seems to be her own projection onto talent that we have asked to cast.”


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So what do you think of the whole situation? Are Jim Beaver and Taryn Manning right, or are you enjoying the season anyway? Let us know what you think in the comments. Dancing With The Stars airs Monday night on ABC at 8 PM eastern time. Tune in for the upcoming Villains Night!

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