Was Uncle Dale’s ‘Raunchy Video’ To Distract From MiMi’s Arrest?

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Jaws of many OutDaughtered fans hit the floor when Uncle Dale Mills uploaded what is being described as a raunchy and suggestive video. The video was uploaded in honor of his anniversary with his wife Crystal Mills. We know she thought it was hilarious. And, we know fans were very upset. Now, is it possible the video had an ulterior motive? Some OutDaughtered fans certainly seem to think so.

What was the raunchy and suggestive video Uncle Dale uploaded?

You’d have to be a pretty uninformed OutDaughtered fan if you don’t have any idea what suggestive and raunchy video this article is referring to. In honor of his anniversary, Uncle Dale Mills created and uploaded a video featuring himself and his wife Crystal (kind of). Uncle Dale cropped a picture of his face and Crystal’s face and pasted them on the bodies of someone else.

The bodies, however, were doing a very suggestive dance. The male body with Uncle Dale’s head ran up behind the body with Aunt KiKi’s head. And, the male body proceeded to thrust up against the backside of the female body.

Some fans jested the video was going to bring the “prudes and Karens out” in the fan base. And, they weren’t wrong. A lot of fans were furious. They thought the video was appalling.

But, was this just a big distraction?

A few OutDaughtered fans were not able to overlook the fact that the raunchy and suggestive video got uploaded to Instagram shortly after news broke that MiMi got arrested. For those who aren’t familiar with that piece of breaking news, Grandma MiMi got arrested for driving while under the influence. The issue caused a huge stir among OutDaughtered fans. Namely, fans who have had family members killed by a drunk driver were devastated by her actions.

Now, we know the family (and possibly TLC as well) attempted to cover up the fact that MiMi got arrested for drunk driving. How do we know this? Well, because they deactivated her Instagram account. Fans also suspect they deactivated her account to save her from the grief of the massive amount of negative comments.

Is it possible the video Uncle Dale Mills uploaded was actually an attempt to distract from MiMi getting arrested? Considering the timing, it isn’t THAT crazy of a fan theory. The real question is: do you think the suggestive video from Uncle Dale was a distraction? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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