Top 10 Hilarious Busby Clap Backs At Critical ‘OutDaughtered’ Fans

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Ever feel like you’ve “seen this headline before” when you read about how Adam or Danielle Busby clap back at a critical fan? Well, you probably have. But, chances are pretty good it was a different troll, a new hateful comment, and a fresh clap back.

Adam and Danielle Busby of OutDaughtered are loved by fans for their positive vibes. This wholesome family featured on TLC has a huge following. Unfortunately, every huge following comes with a few trolls in the mix. And, as the following grows, so does the number of haters. That being said, Adam and Danielle Busby are never here for social media trolls. In fact, this TLC parents are never shy about firing back with sassy, witty, and hilarious responses.

Likewise, fans are always here for the witty clap backs.

Top sassy clap backs of Adam and Danielle Busby

Now, because OutDaughtered fans are always here for the sassy and witty clap backs of Adam and Danielle Busby…. We’ve complied a list of the top ten hilarious Busby clap backs.

10. The pool incident

On Sunday, December 16th, 2018, Danielle Busby shared a snap featuring Hazel. They were standing outside of their new home. Some fans couldn’t help but notice the lack of a fence around the pool. It made them nervous. One fan questioned why they didn’t have a fence around the pool. Danielle was quick to clack back. She opted for agreeing with the critical comment.

Danielle insisted: “We just moved into this lease house and they came to get [all] measurement and it’s on order. Don’t worry… I’m paranoid without the fence. Ready for it to come get installed!”

What better way to confuse a troll then to agree with them?

9. What does Adam Busby do for a living?

What Adam Busby does for a living and how he earns his money is a pretty common target for trolls. It wasn’t that long ago that Adam Busby was told by a troll to get a job. He, however, fired back with the fact that he has several. And, many of his fans were quick to defend him. This, however, is far from the first time Adam has received this type of criticism. Nor is it the first time he’s had an interesting clap back.

In May of 2019, he shared a photo of himself “chasing waterfalls in Maui.” Most followers loved the gorgeous waterfall snap. But, one individual questioned how Adam Busby made enough money to afford going on this trips. Jealous, much?


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Chasing waterfalls in Maui. #twinfalls

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OutDaughtered fans were especially here for Adam’s response to this criticism. “Chase waterfalls.” Adam Busby claps back in a very sassy but simple response.

Ok, so he didn’t really answer the question. But, it wasn’t like he had to explain himself to the troll either.

8. Country vs city clap back

In October of 2018, Adam Busby shared a photo featuring his daughters and his wife. The Busby girls all seemed fascinated by a grate in the sidewalk. And, Adam thought the fascination was hilarious. “The moment you find that your family knows nothing about city life … ” He jested in the caption including a hashtag that referred to them as being country.

Unfortunately for Adam, people didn’t really agree with League City being “country.” Adam had multiple clap backs in this particular post. For starters, he insisted League City was more country than city. Next, he admitted he was baffled by how touchy his followers were.

“Well it definitely isn’t a big city with high-rises … It still baffles me how critical people are on here at the smallest things sometimes.” He penned.

7. Dog gone problems and Busby clap backs

On December 6th of last year, Adam Busby shared several photos of two quints enjoying their family dog. But, some OutDaughtered fans did not like the photo. They felt the pup was in pain. And, they needed Adam to know it.

Adam, however, insisted the dog would not stay if he did not want to. “Don’t think for one second that he couldn’t get away from them two if he wanted. The dog is perfectly fine.” The dad fired back.


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They love @beauxbuzz so much it hurts… 😂 #OutDaughtered #itsabuzzworld

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6. Side of shade

Just a week after the backlash over the dog photos, Danielle shared a photo of herself toting a gorgeous purse. One fan, however, pointed out how expensive a Yves Saint Laurent bag is. The individual proceeded to question how Danielle could afford something so expensive with so many children.

Her husband Adam Busby was quick to fire back. And, it sounded like he wasn’t happy about the attack on his wife.

“We own six businesses on top of a television show. We work very hard for the things that we have,” the reality dad fires back.

5. Face masks

Honestly, are you really a reality TV star if you haven’t been criticized for your lack of a face mask? Turns out, this is something Adam and Danielle Busby have been slammed for on multiple occasions. Sometimes they have a response and sometimes they don’t.

For example, Adam Busby was crucified for hitting the gym during the pandemic. And, fans didn’t understand where his face mask was.

Adam insisted he wasn’t going to live his life in fear over a disease he didn’t consider to be worse than the flu or a cold. And, in regards to his face mask, there weren’t people anywhere near him. So, did he really even need one?

4. No nannies here

In 2017, Adam and Danielle Busby were accused of having a nanny or two floating around their homes. One critical OutDaughtered fan insisted a nanny was the only way Danielle and Adam could manage so many children. They insisted the “super mom” on TV was a lie.

According to InTouch Weekly, Adam Busby shut down the nanny rumors insisting a nanny helping with the children was “news to him.” Now, fans swear up and down they spotted the nanny in some of the earlier seasons of OutDaughtered. But, the individual had been labeled by Adam and Danielle as both a close friend and a babysitter.

Likewise, some fans were never really sure why a nanny would be an issue. After all, they have five children of the same age. Maybe they needed an extra set of hands. Could anyone really blame them?

3. Perfect parent joins the party and Adam Busby claps back

In June of 2019, one OutDaughtered fan took to Instagram to criticize Adam and Danielle Busby for putting doors with locks on their toddlers’ bedrooms. They insisted it was “bad move” on their part. Adam thanked the “perfect parent” for “joining the party.”

2. Riley starting kindergarten

Hard as it is to believe, Adam and Danielle Busby actually caught heat from fans for their decision to place Riley in kindergarten. The OutDaughtered dad had multiple sassy clap backs for this particular criticism.

One follower penned their frustration with the criticism in the comments: “It annoys me people negatively question the decision to put her in kinder. It’s obvious she needs the challenge and plus y’all know her better than us fans LOL.” Adam Busby was here for this type of comment. So, he responded to it.

Typical social media for you. Haha! So many people that don’t actually know my child think that they know better than us, the parents … there have been 6 parents in world history that know what it’s like to raise all-girl quints with all of the complexities that we deal with on the daily. We are making the best decisions that we can; knowing what we know.”

Ironically enough, Adam and Danielle Busby have since been criticized for “holding Riley back.” As she recently started kindergarten again with the rest of the quints. So, it is definitely a “d*mned if you do and d*mned if you don’t” situation.

1. Kills trolls with kindness

One of the reasons people love Adam and Danielle Busby is because they sometimes clap back with class. At the beginning of this month, Adam Busby shared a photo featuring Danielle and his girls. One individual penned “NOBODY CARES,” in the comments.

“Well… you did care enough to comment. So, there’s that… #positivevibesonly.” Adam Busby fired back at the critical individual.

So, which one of the clap backs of Adam and Danielle Busby is your favorite? Can you think of one not on this list that you like? Share it with us in the comments!

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