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Is ’90 Day Fiance’ Star Syngin Happy In the USA?

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90 Day Fiance fans often wonder if Syngin really likes living with Tania in the USA. And, many of them assume he hankers for the next plane out of the USA bound for South Africa. But he clarified on that in a Q&A on Friday. While the USA might not be the perfect place on the planet, he thinks it’s better than South Africa right now.

90 Day Fiance – Syngin answers questions about his life on Instagram Stories

On his Instagram, Syngin answered a lot of questions. One of those came from a South African who asked him, “Is jy gelukkig in VSA?” Roughly, it translates to “Are you happy in the USA.” His answer talked about how nothing’s perfect, but yes, he is happy enough. Obviously, problems arise, but it’s not as bad as the problems people face in South Africa, He used the word “kak,” which literally means “sh*t” or “pooh.” So, the USA isn’t as sh*tty as South Africa.

Those people who experience political division, protests, riots, and other unsettling election-related things in the USA could possibly take a bit of comfort from that. One 90 Day Fiance fan asked if Syngin feels “happy.” Well, that’s not the easiest question. So, he explained that people find happiness wherever they go. Then, he winked, and said, “there’s always a silver lining to every dark cloud.” As for finding joy, he noted that he feels unhappy some of the time. It seems he feels angry and frustrated sometimes, but makes finding “joy a goal.”

USA better than South Africa, but not paradise

From what Syngin says, clearly, he struggles in his new culture and relationship. Not dissing the USA or Tania, he obviously works at joy and happiness. So, he might not actually enjoy it all as much as he claimed at first in Afrikaans. While a lot of people suggest that TLC stars move to the USA for a green card and a”better life,” a lot of emotional and psychological stress comes with relocating.

Rand Rescue notes that people experience difficulty reconciling “the rules, environments and behaviors of…two different countries.” Stress results as people become”torn between two homes.” And, sometimes when people pine for home, they alienate those around them. So, they suggest maintaining ties with family and friends back home. But, also adopting a positive mindset helps. And, it looks like the South African 90 Day Fiance star tries that by working at finding joy.

Busy lifestyle in the USA

One thing that Syngin struggles with seems that Africa time slows things down. The Americans rush around a lot, time-is-money style. So, they take less timeout for chilling and relaxing. In his words, it seems they always “chase” after something. And, many South Africans who relocated to places like Australia and New Zealand often notice the same thing. Actually, on social media, many South Africans who relocate to first world countries complain about the “must look busy” culture.

Sound off your thoughts about the 90 Day Fiance star talking about happiness, joy, and the USA lifestyle in the comments below.

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