‘OutDaughtered’: Will Grandma MiMi Also Disappear From The Show?

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Michelle Theriot — affectionately known as Grandma MiMi of OutDaughtered — made headlines recently. Unfortunately, it wasn’t for a good reason. Turns out, Grandma MiMi had a little too much to drink. Then? She mistakenly thought she was sober enough to get behind the wheel. Being extremely obvious that she was impaired in her driving behavior, cops pulled Grandma MiMi over.

Now, the details of Grandma MiMi’s arrests aren’t pretty.

Cops revealed MiMi didn’t exactly want to stop. But, she eventually made the right decision. In hindsight, it is possible she was dumping perfume or body spray all over herself before pulling over. Why? Well, comes recalled a overpowering perfume odor when they approached the vehicle. Turns out, this was extremely common for anyone trying to mask the smell of booze. But, it was a trick cops were well aware of. So, it didn’t work out too well for MiMi.

Things only seemed to get worse for MiMi… Worse when the cops had her hop out of the SUV for sobriety tests. The cops reveal they had to prevent her from getting back into the vehicle because they had plans to arrest her.

Damage control?

Grandma MiMi of OutDaughtered was never especially active on Instagram. But, it was a way for fans to connect with her. And, a way to get updates. The same day she was arrested her Instagram account disappeared. Some fans speculate it was damage control on behalf of the TLC family.

Others believe it was to protect her from all the awful comments people were likely to leave. To date, Adam and Danielle Busby haven’t issued any sort of statement. We also don’t have much of an update. We, however, assume she was bailed out if that was an option.

Fans wonder if MiMi will also disappear from the show.

Grandma MiMi isn’t featured in every episode of OutDaughtered. But, she is a beloved member of this family. And, fans are always happy when she appears on the big screen. Now, some fans can’t help but wonder if the damage control will extend to the show. Will they just stop including her in the production of new episodes?

Or, could the production team go a different direction and feature the arrest? After all, it certainly could be good for ratings. This isn’t exactly a show that usually has drama involving police. Would Danielle and Adam Busby embrace the arrest being featured in the show?

Do you think damage control could include removing MiMi from OutDaughtered completely? Share your thoughts with us.

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