Danielle Busby Fans Discuss Bedtime Stories

OutDaughtered Bedtime stories

The OutDaughtered quints, like most kids, just love their stories at bedtime. Danielle and Adam Busby spoke about it on their It’s A Buzz World Instagram account on Thursday. And, it’s astonishing just how many favorite bedtime stories are out there. Many fans responded and listed their favorites.

OutDaughtered fans talk bedtime stories enthusiastically

Judging by all the comments on Instagram, it sounds like parents sometimes enjoy the stories almost as much as the kids. It must be the “kid inside” of all of us that makes people so excited about them. And, those who don’t parent, recalled some of their favorite titles. Danielle shared a photo of herself holding up books. And, the quints clustered around eagerly.

The OutDaughtered mom captioned her post with, “Story time! What was your favorite childhood book?” And, it looks like many fans still think fondly about the Nancy Drew stories.  Did you know know that the first one appeared way back in the 1930s? Credited to Carolyn Keen, the stories actually got written by numerous ghostwriters. Then, another favorite that cropped up repeatedly was Green Eggs And Ham.

Curious George and more

Curious George also got a lot of mentions. And, Dr. Seuss seems universally popular. Remember The Cat in the Hat? Then, Click Clack Moo claimed a few mentions, as did Ferdinand the Bull. What else? Well, Winnie the Pooh seems a favorite alongside Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Alice in Wonderland, Black Beauty and Heidi scored well with lots of people, as well.

Here’s other suggestions from OutDaughtered fans:

  • Today I Feel Silly
  • Oodles of Poodles
  • The Little Engine That Could
  • Skeeter The Scarecrow
  • The Billy Goats Gruff
  • If You Give a Mouse a Cookie!
  • The Country Bunny
  • Days with Frog and Toad

And, so many more came in that there’s not enough room for the full list here. One thing that came across, is that bedtime stories seem universally loved or recalled from years and years ago. Some OutDaughtered fans discussed books that they owned as kids in the 50s.

Bedtimes stories help settle the kids at night and more

According to Kids Spot, psychologists think that reading bedtime stories bring more value than just settling the kids down for bed. In fact, their website notes it helps “foster a bond between parents and children, lower kids’ stress levels and reinforce their literacy skills and mastery of language.” Interestingly, a lot of OutDaughtered fans commented that they recall first reading via bedtime stories.


Apparently, kids also learn better when mom or dad read them stories. Unlike looking at picture books, it helps develop their imagination. Did you spot your favorite bedtime story in the list from the Busby’s post? If not, shout out your recommendations in the comments below.

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